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WeightRater.com Reaches Critical Milestone With 1000 "Likes"

WeightRater.com, a weight loss product review site, doubles to 1000 "likes" after only 11 days since hitting the 500 "likes" milestone.

WeightRater.com, the premier weight loss product reviews resource online, continues to expand its reach and serve more weight loss and fitness enthusiasts out there as it reaches the 1000 "likes" milestone on its official Facebook page. The momentous milestone was officially achieved on January 27, 2013 at 10:06 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, only 11 days after reaching the 500 "likes" milestone on January 16, 2013.

According to the administrators of the WeightRater.com Facebook Page, this growth in visitors and page "likes" are mainly attributed to the daily weight loss inspirational posts being shared and liked by the existing members, in turn exposing the Weight Rater brand out there to the existing members' friends. This is also the reason why it took less time for the Weight Rater Facebook Page to double its number of "likes," since the page is gaining reach at an exponential rate.

These "likes" have a positive effect on the main website, WeightRater.com, as well. It is reported that a substantial amount of referral traffic to the main site is coming from Facebook. As of the moment, around 4.7% of the main websites traffic is coming from Facebook, up from 0.83% from the Facebook Page's first week of launch earlier this month.

"This is really a pleasant surprise for us. We created a Facebook Page simply as a way to keep connected with our readers and update them on newly published product reviews on the main website. We didn't expect our Facebook Page to gain popularity on its own and be a driving force of new visitors to our main site. I guess people like what they see on our Facebook Page and get curious enough to see what we represent," said Kurt Lao, WeightRater.com's editor.

WeightRater.com is an emerging force in the weight loss product reviews industry as it gives due credit to niche fitness and weight loss products (like Fat Loss Factor or Truth About Abs) which don't receive much media exposure while shedding light to popular but overhyped products like Primal Burn.

Also, a recent survey performed by Weight Rater revealed that people generally find product reviews published on WeightRater.com more informative and reliable compared to other reviews found on Google's first page.

The main aim of WeightRater.com remains assisting weight loss and fitness goers make the best buying decision with concise and reliable product information; and WeightRater.com is quickly gaining momentum to do exactly that.

Weight Rater is an online weight loss product review resource that provides definitive reviews and buyer's guides of the best weight loss products available in the market. With more than a decade of combined health and weight loss industry expertise, the Weight Rater team stands as the number one venue for weight loss product reviews, user insights, and weight loss industry interaction. For more information, visit their website at http://www.weightrater.com/.

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