Weight Loss in Los Angeles Transformations Made Easy From Licensed Personal Trainer, Sheenah Laine

Sheenah Laine, a Certified Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, California, offer clients over a decade of fitness training experience focusing on women s weight loss and muscle toning sessions.

For many people, striving for a fit and healthy body is in itself, a lifelong struggle. While it is easy to start an exercise program, most people fail for different reasons and a staggering 90% of those who lose weight eventually gain it back. Diet fads, exercise programs and even artificial weight loss supplements flood the market, but everyone knows getting that dream body - one that is filled with energy, beauty and accomplishments - is not magic; it is science.

"Everyone handles weight loss differently and I take the time to get to know each client, carefully considering their personal goals and lifestyle," says Sheenah. "From there, we master a program that guarantees results by challenging your body using a variety of training methods and specialized equipment. The dedication and motivation you learn and use will carry over other areas in your life to bring positive change, both mentally and physically," she adds.

The key to successful weight loss is finding a licensed professional trainer that can help achieve personal fitness and weight loss goals. Expectedly, a personal trainer who is equipped with the tools and knowledge to create an individual plan should be able to assess the fitness levels, plan out a program, and deliver the desired results.

Sheenah Laine is a trusted personal training expert with a focus on helping women become as fit and as healthy as they need to be. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Sheenah became a Certified Personal Trainer from the International Sports Science Association and launched the Train with Laine Fitness Program in 2012.

As a licensed fitness professional, Sheenah specializes in women's fitness and nutrition, pre- and post-natal fitness, cardio-training and core performance, as well as fat loss. Detailing her services at, Sheenah offers clients in Los Angeles, California with kickboxing, cross training, pole dancing, and everything in between to keep the mind and the body engaged.

For more than 10 years, Sheenah has helped clients with all different types of goals such as weightless, strength training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, and beach bodies. Couples and group training, fitness for the whole family, one-on-one training, weight loss training, weight training, body sculpting, and dieting programs are offered. The sessions are tailored to each client's schedule and location, and can suit busy schedules with late night and early morning appointments available.

From teenagers to senior citizens, anyone can engage in a meaningful, fun and effective workout and nutrition regimen with Sheenah. Her website, explains that besides losing weight and becoming fit, individuals can enjoy the health benefits of reduced disease, better sleep, and an overall good mood can be enjoyed.

To find out more about the weight loss and fitness training services from licensed personal trainer Sheenah Laine, please visit for information.

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