Weight Loss (Afvallen) with Prodivita Protein Products Kick Off the New Year's Resolutions

Efforts to start eating healthy for the New Year made easier with the delicious and healthy Prodivita protein diet products.

Studies show that the most common New Year's resolution is weight loss. As a new year unfolds, people are highly motivated to look better and feel healthier. True enough, people typically eat healthy during the first few weeks, only to binge in the following days and never look back to their weight loss goal. Similarly, workout gym memberships are on a rise in the months of January and March - with the numbers declining thereafter.

According to experts, people fall off the path to successful afvallen or weight loss efforts easily because of unrealistic goals being set. Another major setback to dieting that people commonly face is the tasteless, uninteresting food that often come with the eating regime.

Prodivita offers a healthy and smart way to dieting that lasts. Unlike other slimming products, the Prodivita protein diet consists of very high content of protein of up to 70%, and low in carbohydrates. As a result, dieters experience rapid weight loss, lower BMI index, less cholesterol in the blood, lower blood pressure, less snoring and sleep apnea due to overweight, as well as improved insulin utilization in Type 2 Diabetes.

Ursula from Hamburg, Germany talks about the Prodivita diet that she was able to maintain easily and gain best results from: "I am 11 pounds lighter with sports and the Prodivita Diet! Overall, it has only taken me almost 2 months to become 11 pounds less. During my diet, my husband left me for a younger, slimmer woman - and that was for me an extra motivation to keep going. I pay strict attention to the diet, cautioning myself to never again fall back into old habits."

Notably, the Prodivita proteine dieet is easy to manage throughout the year, with food products that are tasty and satisfying. Detailed at, the variety of protein-rich, low-calorie food items include protein bread and toast, protein pudding, protein drinks, protein omelets, protein pancakes, protein pasta, protein puree and protein nuggets, protein soups, protein biscuits, protein bars and protein waffles.

The top manufacturer and seller of high-protein, low-calorie food products and supplements ensures that its products help reduce fat and shed excess weight quickly, without making dieters feeling hungry or weak.

To find out more about the high-calorie, low-carb food products from Prodivita, please visit for information.

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