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WEDO Brings The Next Big Thing in Gluten-Free, Green Banana Flour, To The US

The first and one-of-a-kind flour alternative to hit the US shelves, WEDO Gluten Free All Natural Banana Flour has been quietly building a following in the gluten-free community.

Healthy eating is not just a fad - it is supposed to be a lifestyle. With too many diet-related diseases affecting men and women of all ages these days, it is only fitting to pay more attention to food intake.

One of the rising health concerns is the celiac disease affecting roughly 1 in 133 Americans who suffer extreme sensitivity to gluten, the type of protein that hold together the fibers in cereals, certain grains, wheat and similar food.

"For those sensitive or allergic to gluten, green Banana Flour is a healthy alternative to wheat flour and other gluten-free flours in the market," said David Wintzer, Co-Founder of WEDO.

Unlike other medical conditions, celiac disease has no cure and without proper maintenance and monitoring, can lead to other conditions such as infertility, neurological disorders and even some cancers. In fact, a gluten-free diet is the only known treatment for the condition.

While there are many gluten-free products available in the market today, WEDO Gluten Free All Natural Banana Flour is the only one of its kind.

"WEDO All Natural Banana Flour is free of bleaching, processing, and preservatives," added Wintzer. "Banana Flour is extremely nutritious and contains high amount of potassium, vitamins and minerals in every serving."

"It's tasteless and loaded with goodness such as fiber, potassium and resistant starch that cleans the colon and aids in better digestion," he said.

Founded with a purpose, WEDO stands for Women Entrepreneurs Development Organization in Kenya, where David worked to help Kenyan women obtain small micro-loans to start a small business - including a banana flour factory became WEDO's original and first supplier for nearly two years.

With market demand in the United States proposing a great potential, WEDO Gluten Free found it a challenge and an opportunity to expand. Even as the company faces the challenge of being a startup, David and Todd have remained optimistic about making large-scale shipments to bring the revolutionary product to the US.

On its third year, WEDO received its first shipment. To complete the project, the duo is now running the Kickstarter Program to raise $30,000 in 30 days and expand the business. Through the "all-or-nothing" funding model, WEDO seeks financial backing from supporters to cover the production, shipping, packaging and delivery expenses of its first large scale shipment to the United States to meet the demand of the growing gluten-free market.

To date, WEDO has received overwhelming support, and was able to raise $8,500 its first 24 hours of launch. The company has achieved 30% of its goal, and continuously seeks the gluten-free community's help through the Kickstarter Program.

To find out more about WEDO Gluten Free All Natural Banana Flour and donate to the Kickstarter Program, please visit for information.

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