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Weddings in Gibraltar - John & Yoko Style

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's wedding in Gibraltar is one of the most memorable moments in the Rock's history. In Gibraltar love conquers all, and it is this divine feeling that makes hundreds of couples choose to tie the knot here every year.

Yoko and John's wedding was as simple and as powerful as their lives together. It was a quick wedding but it had an influence that lasts even 30 years after it took place.

Many couples take the decision to get married in Gibraltar just because they want to have the same first wedding photo as the legendary Beatle.

However, this is not the only reason to take this step. Gibraltar has more than 6 months of sunny weather which makes it so easy to accommodate any wedding date. On the other hand, it is a piece of cake to arrange the legal aspects of the wedding.

One of the things that really makes a difference, is the fact that dreamy honeymoon destinations are just one stone throw away from Gibraltar. Spain, Morocco, and other Mediterranean heavens are a ferry ride away and your honeymoon can start just after you are out of the Registry!

In short, nothing can beat the romantic atmosphere of Gibraltar, and Yoko and John knew that very well. As the number of weddings in Gibraltar grows, the services, related to them increase as well. It is in the nature of Gibraltar people to celebrate your most important day with you, and wedding planners organize every ceremony as it is the single most important job of their lives.

To give you an idea, only we, at Hour Weddings, organize more than 20 weddings each summer. With an experienced wedding planner, you will just need to enjoy your special day. Lately, Gibraltar has become one of the top wedding destinations, and this is not a surprise. Hour Weddings has planned weddings for every budget and in the most unusual places, so we know what we are doing. We especially enjoy welcoming couples from abroad. We do our best to make their stay unforgettable from boarding the origin country plane, to departing on their honeymoon.

To top all of the glamour of Gibraltar, at Hour Weddings we offer a John and Yoko package for the real fans. Just like the famous couple's wedding, yours will be a memorable, simple day full of love and endless smiles. After all, in Gibraltar, all you need is love!

Gibraltar, 2014

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