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Recent interviews with bakery business owners reveals that wedding cakes are not only one of the most expensive single items for may weddings, but also one of the most personal.

Almost everything about the cake can be customized, and cake makers spend hours talking and researching with both the bride to be and future husband to get it right.

One of the most interesting trends is in toppers. Concarta's Gwen Barber, interviewed recently for an online blog revealed that she gets requests for everything from pets to family groupings and bouquets.

While Gwen renders these in paper, toppers can often be created from sugar based icing - providing an interesting and edible dimension to the cake.

Of course, before choosing a maker, it helps to have an idea of what other people's wedding cakes have looked like. There are many books on the subject, as well as online archives of photos and design ideas.

A quick Internet search will reveal sites about every facet surrounding cake making, including:

- cake stands;
- toppers;
- specialty cakes (i.e. groom's cakes!)

Just getting to grips with some of the terminology can be a challenge, so it helps to have a reference that can pull it all together.

After all, there are wedding planners to take care of most of the details, so happy couples have ample opportunity to research the perfect cake to make their day even more unforgettable.

To take advantage of the best information related to wedding cakes, toppers, and reviews of cake makers for all budgets and tastes, visit http://www.WeddingCake.org.

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