WebSupportTeam.com Unveils Website Newly Redesigned To Better Showcase Outsourced Tech Services For Internet Marketers And Online Entrepreneurs

WebSupportTeam.com, the pioneer in affordable, outsourced technical services to Online Entrepreneurs recently unveiled a newly redesigned website aimed at better appealing to the company's target market of Online Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers.

The new website design makes it easier for potential clients to learn more about WebSupportTeam.com's subscription based tech help services. The focus during the redesign was to better convey the value of the company's services to its typical customer - the online business owner.

The eye-catching graphics and visually enhanced layout conveys the details of the company's services and the desired end-benefit to customers - growing their business and increasing their profits.

"Our new design uses visuals to aesthetically convey our message to our target audience of Online Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers. It represents our vision and direction for 2013 and beyond. " says Jay Vikaz, CEO of WebSupportTeam.com

WebSupportTeam.com works on a subscription based model. Customers "pay" for the technical services they need using "credits" that are loaded into their accounts every month their subscription is active.

This subscription model ensures that customers can get essential tech help whenever they need it within a fixed budget while keeping surprise expenses down. The idea is to keep technology service costs low for the customers.

Digital Marketers and online business owners have been using the site to outsource technical work on their websites, blogs and social media channels since it first launched in 2008.

The company offers a broad range of services from simple website updates to complete revamping of websites. Staple tech services like payment processing integration and shopping carts are also included. The company provides key technology help that is critical to the operation of online businesses.

The new website features an aesthetically appealing layout with easy access to information and services. The website demonstrates the quality and industry leadership that customers have come to expect from WebSupportTeam.com.

"We hope the new design will more effectively educate and inform visitors about our services. Our audience will learn more about how we can help them build and grow their online business." says Jay Vikaz. "Our services have always provided tremendous value to internet entrepreneurs. We want our message to showcase that value with greater impact."

WebSupportTeam.com was created with a vision to provide affordable online technology services to startups and small businesses that operate in the digital marketing space.

For more information on the company's services and to check out the new design visit - http://www.WebSupportTeam.com

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