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Now those new to the internet can gain a basic education in web hosting which will lead to confident decision making

Locating the best web site hosting is vital for any website owner. Whether you are running a business or personal non commercial website you want your website to show up whenever someone types in its address.

This is especially true if you are operating a business online as your web site is a critical marketing tool that must be available consistently. Every second that your site is down is costing you visitors. This means that it is vital to have not only a well designed site but also professional web hosting that gives you reliable service.

As with any other market as big as website hosting there is a lot of competition with makes choosing a host difficult. Most people make their decision based on ads, which can be risky to your online presence. Since a hosting company basically provides a "home" for you website you want to make sure that the company is solid. However, since technology is not perfect you might experience a rare occasion when your host has a problem which causes downtime. If this happens all reputable companies will get the problem fixed fast and they will usually offer some kind of discount on your bill or give you a month or two free.

Choosing a web hosting service may be small issue to an veteran online marketer who has experience using hosting, but for those new to the world wide web who have never used a web hosting company before making a decision can be very intimating and confusing. There is a lot of things to consider such bandwidth, storage, and certain terms that need to be understood such as shared, vps, and dedicated hosting.

"As someone with a background in Infomation Technology I still found that the technical terms of the hosting industry confusing so I decided to put together a educational Ecourse that would make the decision making process less stressful for the beginner."

This FREE 5day Ecourse will educate the reader with the basic knowledge about how web hosting works and the details needed to make an informed decision.

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