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Webleads Inc Launches New Website and Services

Webleads Inc. now in its fourth year in business has launched a new website, new lead buying services, and a profit calculator that allows projection of revenue growth for new and existing customers.

Webleadsinc.com, the industry's leading provider of SEO leads and web design leads, launches a new website and introduces new services.

Webleadsinc.com, which has been providing SEO businesses and web designers with real time lead buying packages has recently launched a new and improved website. The new site offers detailed information about their on-going SEO lead and web design lead buying options and their newest services for call center leads and app development leads.

Inbound and outbound call centers now have the opportunity to use Webleadsinc.com to get a direct connection to leads. This new service gives call center managers and business owners an opportunity to find help expanding their business. This new service comes with Webleadsinc.com experience, finding real time potential customers for their clients.

The company's new website also provides information on their new App development lead program. Webleadsinc.com understands that the App development industry is booming, therefore has launched a new App development lead buying service for firms and personal developers. This new service will help developers find real time customers, sending them instantly.

The new website also offers existing and new clients a unique profit calculator. This calculator allows even potential clients to make projections of their revenue growth with a lead program. This means those who are unsure of how it works and what kind of success they will see can use the company's calculator to help them make a more knowledgeable decision.

Founder and CEO of Webleads Inc, Colin O'Brien, states " Our new profit calculator is just one of the many new and exciting helpful client services our team is now providing."

Webleadsinc.com will continue to allow clients to purchase any type of lead in the amount of their choice.

About Webleads Inc:
Webleads Inc. has been providing verified leads for over 4 years to the SEO and web design industry.

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