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WB-Invest thinks that The life of an investor is a long and crowded road. Required activities such as developing customer relationships, managing employee issues and paying bills are time-consuming tasks but necessary to keep the operation running and finances sound.

Unfortunately, business owners often neglect their own personal financial goals. Among owners it's more common to put off planning for their own financial future until later in life when "things settle down," or until there is more clarity about what the business can reasonably achieve. This delay can cost them dearly, much as an undeveloped business plan may harm business growth. Proper and timely planning can help bring clarity.
Today's Investor Need to Consider Their Own Tomorrows

The investor has to play numerous roles within the company to keep everything afloat. He or she often has well-defined goals and big dreams for the business, but is inundated with an endless list of tasks and has limited time to accomplish them all.

Lack of time often causes owners to fall prey to two outcomes:

They do not take the time to plan well for their own financial future. It's risky for owners to make decisions on their own without sufficient information or analysis, and they often regret these decisions later; or
Sometimes worse, they don't take action at all and miss out on opportunities they wouldn't dream of passing up on the business side.

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