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Watch Supermarket Acquires Hugo Boss Orange Range of Watches

The UK-based Watch Supermarket has added the acclaimed Boss Orange watches to their collection of products.

Watch Supermarket, a UK-based watch retailer, has recently announced that they will begin selling the Boss 'Orange' line-up of watches on their online website and in their retail shop at Wigan's Makinson Arcade. With over 25 watches in the Orange collection, Watch Supermarket is confident that this new product brand will have something for everyone.

These new watches form the fashion arm of the Hugo Boss tree, and are roughly priced at Ј150 per watch. The lowest price for a watch from this collection currently sits at Ј99 for model numbers 1512862 and 1512943, while the highest price is Ј175. Experts and industry insiders consider the Boss 'Orange' to be more of a fashion statement than the traditional Hugo Boss watch. Ultimately, they are designed to appeal to a more urban audience. Thanks to an accessible price point, many believe that the Boss Orange line-up will become a staple amongst individuals in their teens, 20's and 30's who are looking for a fun alternative to more commonplace luxury watch brands.

Watch Supermarket's entry into e-commerce should receive a significant boost thanks to the relative popularity of the Boss Orange watch assortment. Currently, Watch Supermarket offers approximately 3500 watches online across 63 different brands. The Boss Orange watches were first introduced to the website in March 2014.

Mark Kay, managing director of Watch Supermarket, discussed the impact of this acquisition on Watch Supermarket's business prospects, stating, "We're extremely excited to have Boss Orange on board. Boss Orange offers a fresh and modern twist on the Hugo Boss brand, allowing for more fun and creativity than their traditional and refined counterparts. Boss Orange are sure to add some excitement to the website, and we hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do."

Although only time can tell as to whether or not these new products will make the impact that Kay and his colleagues are hoping for, the prospects are quite good. Hugo Boss watches have traditionally been very popular with customers around the world. The aesthetic appeal and relative affordability of the Boss Orange line should ensure a steady stream of customers for Watch Supermarket which can often result in purchases of other products as well.

As this ambitious company continues to expand, we can expect to see the catalogue of products here to continue to increase over time. Thanks to their affordable prices and dedicated support staff, Watch Supermarket's future is looking bright.

Watch Supermarket offers a wide range of casual, luxury and sporting watches for customers across the UK and world.

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