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Warner's Corner Toys Readies for the 2012 Holiday Season with Toys for Differently-abled Kids

Warner's Corner Toys Helps Build Connections between Special Needs Children, their Families, and their Communities through Play

A new, Michigan based on-line store wants you to stop or "surf" by and give it a look. Warner's Corner Toys (found at WarnersCornerToys.com) was started in Royal Oak, Michigan, a little over a year ago and has already established a foothold in its niche market: toys for kids with special needs or, as they prefer to say, differently-abled.

"We want to help families create a fun and educational environment for these exceptional kids," said Warner's Corner Toys CEO and Founder Laura Hathaway. "Historically, differently-abled kids have been under-engaged in developmentally necessary play activities," said Hathaway. "Our toys and educational tools let these kids focus on having fun while they are subtly learning the skills needed later in life."

The idea for Warner's Corner Toys originated from a combination of Ms. Hathaway's course of study in elementary education at the University of Michigan and her recognition of the small number of differently-abled children's toy offerings in the online shopping world. "Parents of differently-abled children are extremely knowledgeable about their children's needs. But, they sometimes need help seeing how a particular toy can be adapted or used to meet those needs. We can do that through our blog," Hathaway explains.

"Moreover, our toys are designed to not only meet the unique needs of differently-abled kids and their families but we also try to keep dollars flowing in the Michigan economy as well as America by offering products made here," Hathaway adds.

Ms. Hathaway likes to say that Warner's Corner Toys helps families give their differently-abled kids "wings and a compass." If the 2012 holiday season forecast holds true, there will be lots of extraordinary kids soon taking flight to destinations previously unknown.

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