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Stem cell enhancement nutrition is a breakthrough, natural botanical extract that supports wellness by helping your body maintain healthy stem cell physiology.

Recent scientific data shows that when circulating stem cells find the heart in reduced health, they exit the blood stream, migrate in the heart, multiply and actually become brand new heart muscle cells, analogous to the original cells that created the heart. The same happens with the liver, kidneys, the brain, our skin, eyes, muscles, bones and to connective tissue or any part of the body that is in need of restoration.

Numerous scientific research teams around the world have established that adult stem cells, the body's master cells, are the natural renewal and regeneration system of your body. As we age, our adult stem cells tend to adhere to our bone marrow in increasing numbers, instead of beneficially circulating in our blood stream. With the aging process, this gradual decrease in the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream can leave your body more susceptible to age-related health challenges. One of the most important predictors of good health is the number of adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream.

The world's first stem cell enhancement nutrition - a natural botanical extract, is a breakthrough patented product that supports the release of your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow into your bloodstream. The resulting increase in the number of circulating adult stem cells - up to 30% - can greatly assist your body's natural ability to maintain youthfulness, vitality and optimal health!

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