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Wall Street Hotel Saves 25% on Water Consumption

By managing your flow with the H2minusO Flow Management Device you can cut down on excessive consumption and reduce your Water Bill.

Gild Hall, A Thompson Hotel, has installed H2MinusO and is saving 25% on there water bill. Gild Hall effortlessly blends classical European sensibility with chic American style, providing a charming Lower Manhattan hotel experience just steps from Wall Street. Located on Gold Street, this Financial District hotel goes above and beyond by providing inviting personal service, business-friendly amenities and a picture-perfect location in the epicenter of America's greatest city. Thompson Hotels now has 2 Hotels with H2MinusO. They are making the leap to saving water. With a 25% drop in water consumption, they are doing there part to save water. Contact us today if you want to install H2MinusO at your facility today. Start Saving Money on your water bill.

What is the H2minusO ?

A Flow Management Device that uses Air in the Water Supply Lines to combat the Inefficiency of the Metering Device to provide you the Volume of Water your facility requires. By bringing Efficiency to your Supply and Demand requirements the H2minusO will help reduce your Metered Consumption.
The H2minusO Flow Management Device ( FMD ) uses a reverse flow of air to compress air that is entrapped in your water system.

This proprietary process will have a positive effect on stabilizing the flow entering your properties water circuit.

Essentially Acting as a "Shock Absorber" for incoming spikes of entrapped air caused by ruptures in your water providers circuit

Moderating current or seasonal High Water Pressure Conditions

Providing a truer water usage forecast and measurement

With any reverse in flow the H2minusO fundamentally acts as a secondary backflow device

To learn about the H2minusO Flow Management Device please visit the product website -

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To learn about the H2minusO Flow Management Device please visit the product website -

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