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Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup!

Deb Durst, Best Selling Author and Ellenor Kirkconnell, Motivational Speaker will be broadcasting a live radio show to discuss insects and the influence they have on your mental and physical well being.

Deb Durst, co-author of There's Lipstick on My Pigskin and Co-host, Ellenor Kirkconnell, Educator and Motivational Speaker will broadcast a live radio show on Thursday, April 10th at 10:00AM EDT, when they put a comedic twist on why bugs play an important role in your mental and physical well being. Tune in live or download the show from Blog Talk Radio, snow name: Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup!

Durst and Kirkconnell will explain why humans use quotes about bugs to express their feelings. They'll also touch on several key points about insects throughout their show. Such as; why Andy Warhol believed the mosquito should be the state bird of New Jersey, and why Durst will use this quote as her campaign logo for her NJ Governor's race. They'll also explain why putting a bug in someone's ear could lead to a big sting operation, and they promise to share some great pointers on how to rid your house of unwanted pests using everyday items found in your home.

Deb Durst is a national speaker, marketing professional and co-author of "There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!" a satirical, dictionary-style football playbook. To schedule Durst for speaking engagements, media appearances, interviews, or book signings contact

Ellenor Kirkconnell is a motivational speaker and accomplished business professional in the nonprofit sector. To schedule Kirkconnell for speaking engagements, appearances, or interviews, contact

Durst and Kirkconnel host a weekly radio show: Keep Your Wits About You on Blog Talk Radio every Thursday morning.

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