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Vvego International Introduces Its New Everyday Carry (EDC) Line

Vvego enters the everyday carry market, by launching its new line of Unique EDC products.

Vvego International, Inc. has recently made inroads into the EDC (every day carry) market in a big way. Over the past two months, Vvego has introduced the Tail Wheel Lock Key Fob, the already popular T-1 Boot Blade, and most recently, the Outlaw Super Alloy Bottle Opener/ Multi-Tool. The demand for products like these is strong, and Vvego's new line is already being noticed.

On February 24, 2014, the T-1 Boot Blade caught the attention of Road & Track Magazine. Writer Alex Kierstein in his article, "A Knife for Your Boot Made of Turbine Engine Blades," called the T-1, "A unique and interesting twist to an everyday carry arsenal."

But that's only one round of applause for this handy little tool. Stories are popping up around the Web, including one written in the Russian language at Tracer.ru. The T-1 was also presented to the survivalist niche at SurvivalBlog.com in its Odds and Sods column of February 26.

What makes the T-1 blade so special is that it's made from the same super alloy used in the skins of the Saturn V rocket and the X-15. It won't rust, and the handy little tool weighs less than an ounce. Currently, it retails for $32.99.

Geral, a verified owner of the T-1 Blade, said this about the product: "The T-1 blade is pretty impressive for such a small piece of equipment. I like to find cool, unusual, and original items to stand out from the crowd and this is definitely a one-of-a-kind."

Vvego's Tail Wheel Lock Key Fob (TWLKF) is special, too. Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on a Sikorsky S-58 Helicopter, the TWLKF is beautifully chromed solid steel. This product is also a limited edition, and each key fob is issued with an original serial numbered tag. The current price is $17.95.

Owner Tom Wallace had this to say, "… Feels really good in the hand, and looks really cool. Worth every penny."

Today, Vvego announced another EDC product, bound to be a popular item before very long -- the "Outlaw Super Alloy Bottle Opener (OSABO)," and it does much more than open bottles. It's actually a multi-tool. Made from a jet turbine blade of the C-130 Hercules Transport, this little gem can fit on a keychain and weighs about an ounce. Current price for the OSABO comes in at $24.99. Vvego's founder, Robert Porter, said, "We already have orders coming in and the item just went live in our store today."

All of these tools are meant for guys (or gals), who want everyday carry gear that isn't heavy and that is durable enough for EDC. These new Vvego products definitely fit the bill.

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