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Volunteer Teaching in India -A Beacon for Social Change

India - the exotic land of spirituality, festivals, yoga and breath-taking landscapes -- has given a reservoir of knowledge to the world. Its people, places, music, dances, literature and food has inspired people from different lands.

Yet, today's India is a conflicting reality of opposites. Despite its fast-growing economy, millions are lurking in the dark, in abject poverty and dismay.

As someone visiting this fascinating nation for the first time, you might want to contribute your bit for proactive transformation - to change lives and add a glimmer of hope that needs it the most!

If this idea seems inspiring enough to you, we'd say come join us at Green Lion India! (

Leaders of social change in Asia, the Green Lion campaign active in different countries has combined a fascinating mix of volunteer programs, Volunteer Bali or adventure projects. In India, Green Lion functions across sectors - like elderly care, orphanages, education and environment.

Dedicated Volunteers across the World

Our vast networks of dedicated volunteers converge in India from different corners of the world. Their motive is to explore this fascinating land, while giving back to its people, in equal measure the love and knowledge they have received.

Green Lion India offers you the scope to choose from our wide-ranging Volunteer program Bali in India that is suited to your core skills and interests, convenience and requirements. You can select any volunteer opportunity among those listed below

Old Age Home Projects

Women's shelter
Environmental programs
Adventure programs
Computer Education

Spreading the spirit for Knowledge through Volunteer program Sri lanka

Lack of education is a direct consequence of poverty and poor government initiatives; and Green Lion India through its unique volunteer teaching programs is trying to bridge that yawning gap.

Our aim is to reach out to the age groups of 5-18 and boost in them the interest for studies, co-curricular activities, vocational skills and Volunteer travel.

We have deployed spirited volunteers in different corners of this country, to light that thirst for learning and knowledge in every child.

So are you wondering how you can contribute to this very exciting Wildlife Conservation India platform? Here's how -

• We need skilled teachers from different social backgrounds to introduce us to better tools of teaching.
• Professional teachers who are willing to passionately give to our programs the skills and expertise that they have gathered
• Help us improve our books, course structures and learning environments
• If you can speak English - we look forward to seeing you encourage our children to get articulate with this language
• And if you're not some professionally equipped to teach, we'd encourage you to share your creative talents with us. Help children learn music, recite poetry or maybe share your skills in paper Mache crafts - basically anything that pricks their latent creative abilities and prods their imagination.

At the core of it we want you, our precious group of Volunteer Abroad, as well as our children, to enjoy this wonderful experience called Green Lion India!

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