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Void Rim the Free-to-Play Turn-Based Strategy Game to Begin Public Beta on November 27th.

Independent game developer Desert Owl Games announces the beginning of its public beta for the free-to-play turn-based strategy game Void Rim on November 27th.

Independent game developer Desert Owl Games officially announced their free-to-play turn-based strategy game "Void Rim" will begin its public beta on Monday, November 27th. Until now only closed beta registrants have been permitted to play Void Rim but with this announcement anyone will be able to create an account and play this highly anticipated game. Desert Owl Games is inviting everyone, be they strategy and tactics gamers, wargamers, or anyone who might be curious about the spiritual successor to Pox Nora, to try out Void Rim.

This initial phase of the public beta is going to include online multiplayer only and is intended to help Desert Owl Games fine tune the base game-play of Void Rim. Public beta players will have access to the in-game store, Tech Manager (loadout customization system), and head-to-head multiplayer. The beta participants will also be able to use the currency they earn from playing matches to purchase booster packs for customizing their faction loadouts, which will allow them to play Void Rim in a way that best fits their personal strategic style.

Public beta participants will not be under NDA, so anyone is free to live stream matches, post screenshots, and talk freely about Void Rim. Art Griffith, Desert Owl Games Co-Founder, has said, "With this beta we want the players to really push Void Rim to its limits. We want to hear what people think about the game, so everybody is encouraged to post their opinions, thoughts, and more on our official forums."

Throughout the course of the public beta, Desert Owl Games may also grant game credits to players for testing purposes but such funds and items purchased will not carry over into the later stages of testing or the game's final release. Players for this initial phase of the public beta will be granted the equivalent of $25.00 in free in-game credits and 2500 of the player-earned currency. Also, player progress may be reset periodically to test player progression and game currency acquisition rates in this stage of the beta.

From the start of Void Rim's public beta until it is officially released the game servers and client software will remain continuously available (excluding scheduled maintenance periods). There is no set limit to the number of registrants or the number of people admitted into the public beta. Returning players who participated in the closed beta phase of testing will be able to log into the same accounts they used previously.

Lastly, real money transactions will be disabled for this phase of the public beta. When the real money system is eventually activated players will not at any time be required to provide credit card information or purchase anything with real money to continue playing Void Rim. Justin Felker, Desert Owl Games Co-Founder, has said," With Void Rim, we are striving to achieve the ideal equilibrium between paid and unpaid player progression because the free-to-play model is a symbiotic relationship between the two types of players."

Anyone interested in playing the next generation of free-to-play turn-based strategy games can go to to create an account and download the game. Also, everyone who registers for an account at will be kept up-to-date with any future announcements via email.

About Void Rim:
Void Rim is a next-generation online turn-based strategy game set in a science-fantasy universe and designed on Epic's Unreal Engine. Void Rim has a distinctive visual appeal inspired by Steam Punk, Greco-Roman, and Thai aesthetics, which stands out as unique while still being somewhat familiar. Players create their own armies (called loadouts) and engage in head-to-head matches online. All the characters are customizable with numerous unique weapons and powers. In matches players can conduct research or use command abilities to further augment their units or conversely hinder the opposing force. Void Rim is also a fully free-to-play and free-to-win game, as everything in the game can be acquired with relative ease using in-game currency which is earned by playing matches.

About Desert Owl Games:
Founded in 2011 by a handful of SOE Tucson employees, Desert Owl Games is representative of the small but vibrant development community in Southern Arizona. Desert Owl Games came into existence when Arthur Griffith and Justin Felker (two of the three original creators of Pox Nora) decided during a bout of corporate restructuring at SOE Tucson that it was the perfect time for them to branch out and create the polygonal tactical strategy game they had been dreaming about for years. The two of them plus the talented former Pox Nora artist Darcie Banfield went to work on what would become Void Rim. Later that year the team officially formed Desert Owl Games LLC whose company goal is to design the type of games that may be a little too niche or risky for larger development studios.

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