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Vitality Medical Adds Three New Urinary Catheters to Product Offering

Vitality Medical announces the addition of three new urinary catheters by Teleflex Medical. These catheters feature a unique design that is easier to use and more comfortable. Vitality Medical currently offers over 40,000 products online.

Vitality Medical, distributor of high quality home health products is pleased to announce the addition of three new urinary catheters to their ecommerce website. The additional catheters will be distributed by medical solutions provider, Teleflex Medical.

The Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters (formerly marketed as Rusch Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters) are made with PVC Silicone, are sterile packaged, and are designed for Intermittent, single use. They feature 2 staggered eyes and a solid curved tip.

Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters are recommended for patients who have blockage in the urethra. Tiemann Coude catheters make negotiating the urethral passage virtually painless. They feature a notch on the funnel to indicate tip position and a relatively stiff, but pliable shaft that allows for ease of insertion through the urethra up into the bladder.

Also available from Vitality Medical is the Hydrophilic Catheter Closed System Kit MMG H2O by Rusch. This new and innovative design allows for easy insertion with a greatly decreased risk of infection or trauma.

This particular line of catheters includes 0.9% sterile saline and hydrophilic coating. This coating allows the tube to glide with minimal discomfort through the urethra. The kit comes with an introducer made from soft silicone which protects against the transport of bacteria through the catheter, thereby reducing the probably of a urinary tract infection by a considerable margin.

The last of the new catheter offerings is the Teleflex Rusch FLOCATH QUICK Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter. The package includes a hydrophilic-coated flexible PVC Catheter with 0.9% sterile saline solution pouch. The patented sheath keeps the catheter sterile when inserted and eliminates the need for gloves or gels to ensure sterile delivery.

The FLOCATH QUICK Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter comes with handling tab that is easy to open and a self-adhering patch to allow both hands to be free. The eyelets are made of an exceptionally smooth material that decreases friction by 90%. This helps maximize comfort to the patient when inserting and removing.

Founded in January 2000, Vitality Medical provides quality medical supplies at wholesale prices to individual customers, hospitals, medical practices and hospice facilities. They offer more than 40,000 individual products across a broad range of applications and descriptions.

"Customers should have a medical supply store that they can trust. Vitality Medical is that store," said Brad Packer, President. "We are committed to helping you find the best product for your needs."

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