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Vital Valentine Vigour: Lavender Days

For a memorable Valentine's Day weekend treat yourself to a free Kindle download of a heart-warming adult contemporary romance (ASIN B00FV2ZPCU) Lavender Days: A life-affirming Anglo-American affaire in Provence

Lavender Days by Robin Squire is inspired by a real-life romance between an Englishman and an American woman, set in Provence France with the heady aroma of lavender in the summer air. The novella is based on a genuine forgotten diary, rediscovered by the man in a dusty attic after 20 years.

While the rather fusty older version of himself is startled, even shocked, by the engagingly explicit details of what they did together during his two-week visit to her rented holiday house in the pretty Provence village, he is, at the same time, charmed and transported back to those freer, happier sun-drenched days and star-filled nights of laughter and loving.

But why has he forced himself to forget the all-too-brief affaire in the lone years that followed, making the diary's surprise rediscovery such a visceral experience? Can the life-transforming powers of what happened between them then find new potency in the present day, or is that just another dream?

Incredibly, some stalks of lavender found with the musty handwritten pages had retained their strong fragrance even after two decades, aromatically evoking those dazzling days. A message, perhaps, that real romance never dies but lingers on forever in the heart ...
"Before your arrival I wasn't quite sure what to do with you ... and now I don't know what to do without you" - Lavender Days

What begins with an article published in SHE magazine about an unattached Englishman's negative experiences with dating agencies leads to a daring first date to end all dates for its writer. Two weeks of passion and delight under the sunny skies of Provence in southern France, with an American reader who contacts him via the publication. However, is all as sunny and perfect as it at first seems in Paradise? And what can possibly be the outcome?

This charming sensitively-written short novella is easy reading. It can inject some vital vigour into your Valentine's weekend, and leave you smiling, with a satisfying romantic glow.

Contact: Vanessa Squire,, 01409 254840

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