Vita Novus Treatment Center

Vita-Novus Launches A Serene Addiction Treatment Facility At Muskoka, Ontario.

Vita Novus is an addiction treatment center with unconventional methods. The Vita-Novus has a serene facility, which looks more like a resort. The success record of Vita-Novus is amazingly high.

Vita-Novus Treatment Center, based in Muskoka, Ontario has come up with excellent packages and programs for the victims of drug and alcohol abuse to get rid of their addiction and start a new life altogether. The center is unlike the conventional centers and they aim at complete recovery with very little chances of relapse or recurrence. The cordial staff at the Vita-Novus has successfully healed many hopeless clients in their brief stint and they offer the care, love and affection to these people, so that they can also lead normal healthy lifestyle.

The time taken to completely recover from the clutches of addiction may vary from person to person, but the results Vita-Novus staffers have achieved are outstanding. Our satisfied clients are happily living their lives and they are thankful for our efforts to make a significant difference to their lives. They are fulfilling all their family and professional obligations post their traumatic period of addiction and recovery at Vita-Novus. A maximum of three months programs are sometimes needed for intensive programs, based on the level of addiction. The period may stretch up to one year, but Vita-Novus take guarantee of the complete and irreversible recovery from your additions. The time you are going to spend in our serene and natural facility may be the most memorable time of your life, as they maintain a very hygienic and refreshing environment with facilities for sports and recreation.

The inmates spend time laughing and chatting with each others. This is in fact very conducive for their fuller recoveries as they are normal people fighting hard with their additions. You would be able to meet some of the most wonderful and talented people over there and together it will be a shared journey, where everybody is ready to help everybody. Smaller groups are formed to encourage participation, intensive care and assessment of their improvement. Our staffers are trained in psychiatric aspects of the treatment as well, which is very important and therefore they are able to gel with them and make bond with the inmates so that they feel at home and comfortable with the environment.

Treatment is customized according to the individual needs and conversation is encouraged to facilitate the treatment and make it faster. Vita-Novus respects the clients and their privacy, as these are the normal people, who fell as victim to this abuse due to some bad sequences of events in their lives. Vita-Novus has observed a success rate of more than 70%, within 100 days of the treatment. It can be verified through Vita Novus Reviews given on its website. There are no Vita Novus complaints so far.

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Vita Novus Treatment Center
Vita Novus Treatment Center
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