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Vita-Novus Launches A Rehab For Drug And Alcohol Addicts At Muskoka, Ontario

Vita Novus is a rehab and treatment center for drug addicts and alcohol addicts. Vita-Novus has a spacious and resort like facility with sprawling lawns. The people under treatment are divided among groups for greater attention and speedy recovery.

Vita-Novus Treatment Center, based in Muskoka, Ontario has numerous programs that are tailor-made and according to the individual requirements. To help them live a normal life, the rehab provides ample time and support. They create an environment, which is very friendly, cordial and based on mutual respect and everybody has the same goal here.

So, you spend time in the company of people with similar problems and naturally they have a greater empathy, too. They can understand you better, because they can relate to your issues with their own problems and challenges. In fact, these are good human beings, who want to stand on their feet and want to show to this world that they are not worthless and they are as good as other people and can perform better than others if given a chance.

Normally the maximum time to recover is three months, but it varies from person to person and case to case. To minimize the chances of relapse or recurrence, the rehab recommends a period of at least three months or as per the individual medical conditions assessed by the doctors and psychiatrists there. That's why after spending time at Vita-Novus, there are very rare chances of any relapse or recurrence. Most of the people, who have been treated here, are living happier and satisfied lives.

Vita-Novus staff takes pride in helping the patients with severe addiction. They counsel them like their family and friends and talk to them through the psychological issues leading to such behavior. The other inmates of the rehab are also invited to play and interact with the rest of the people and it's heartwarming to hear people sharing their disappointing past and see the spirit to help each other ward off their addictions. The employees and doctors of the rehab are very cordial and they treat every patient with love and care.

Vita Novus Reviews are available on its website and you will find that most of the people who have undergone the treatment in this rehab are not only successful in their fields, but they also remember and miss their days at the rehab, which was a difficult time in their lives and they got the right treatment and ideal company to recover from the clutches of the addiction.

In its brief time of existence, Vita Novus has been successful at keeping their success ratio very high. The number of Vita Novus complaints is very low. If you are fighting with any kind of addiction, you are most welcome to try Vita Novus.

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