Visual QR Codes From Visualead Proven To Increase Consumer Engagement By 33 Percent Over Regular QR Codes In Advertisements

Visual QR Code Generator used in duty free ads in largest Israeli newspaper demonstrate value by receiving significantly larger number of scans

Visualead, ( a pioneer of embedded visual QR Code technology, announced today that advertisements using their Visual QR Code Generator were proven more effective than regular QR codes by receiving over 33 percent more consumer scans. The QR codes were used in identical advertisements under the same conditions in a national Israeli newspaper.

QR codes are normally known to be somewhat obtrusive black and white squares that are lacking in value; however, a recent study showed that 94 percent of smartphone owners recognize QR codes and 76 percent of the consumers scanned QR codes while shopping. The James Richardson duty free shop ran identical advertisement campaigns in Israel's largest newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, over a period of four weekends, two with a regular black and white QR code and two with a visual QR code generated from The results showed that the ad using the Visual QR Code Generator was scanned 33.4 percent more than the regular QR code. This demonstrates the value of Visual QR Codes and the effect a seamlessly embedded QR codes has on consumer engagement.

"People are visual in nature and will generally respond more to creative uses of technology," said Nevo Alva, CEO and co-founder of Visualead. "This campaign demonstrates that our Visual QR Codes deliver significantly better results and add meaning to QR codes in advertisements. Our product allows users to create a unique call-to-action that adds clear value proposition to an advertisement while ensuring the integrity of the QR code in scanning."

The technology behind the Visualead's Visual QR Codes is a unique patent pending image processing Visual QR Code Generator developed by Visualead's image processing and algorithms experts. The platform enables users to merge a QR Code onto an image while maintaining a fully operational QR Code. Visualead technology doesn't abuse any of the error correction cells in order to improve the aesthetics of the QR Code.

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