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Visionary Art Could Be Making It's Way into Children's Literature

Up and coming children's book author integrates visionary art into new project.

Luz's Paintbrush, an upcoming children's story about a creative goddess, was written by Ashley Kimler, a mother of three and progressive spiritual enthusiast. The story is directed at toddlers and young children whose parents see the value in sharing stories that awaken the soul. It's only natural that she would choose a visionary artist to bring that type of value to the story.

Myztico Campo's artwork is perfect for the project. Of course, she first thought of something along the lines of the popular work of Alex Grey to tie into the project, but she wasn't sure how the kids would resonate with it. After about a month of scouring the web, she stumbled across the visionary art of Myztico Campo. Not only did she find it unique and profoundly inspiring, but her children loved it. "It seemed like they deeply resonated with the pieces, and my youngest kept asking, 'Is that me?,' as I showed him various images," she recalls.

In this story, Luz, who appears from behind the screen that separates this reality from the next, creates the entire universe, then disperses out into what she has created to live out her desires. The story reaffirms our oneness, and will surely be enjoyed by parents who value spiritual truth and their young children.

The book is set to be released this Fall, 2014, and is currently campaigning for additional funds to keep the ball rolling on Manuscripts will be available for review through the author who can be contacted via email at

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