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ViSalus Comes to Winter Haven

Winter Haven area via his website at . Visitors can follow the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge to lose weight quickly and safely.

The ViSalus weight loss program has successfully helped thousands of people lose weight and more importantly, keep that weight off. It is an easy-to-follow system that doesn't involve going hungry
or unhealthy meal choices. Thanks to Kevin Sandridge Winter Haven, Florida is now part of this worldwide community dedicated to weight loss and healthy living.

With an estimated 20% of cancer mortality linked to being overweight and deaths from diabetes set to increase by up to 50% over the next decade, finding a healthy way to slim down is a priority for a large percentage of the population. ViSalus offers an advanced nutrition solution that can help with weight loss and managing diabetes.

The heart of the program is the ViSalus body by Vi 90 day challenge. This is a complete system combining everything from nutritional supplements to online tools and support. Getting all the vitamins and macronutrients can be a problem when trying to reduce calories.

In the challenge, you simply replace breakfast and lunch with two high-quality, nutrient dense shakes and then have a normal meal in the evening. The products are designed to boost metabolism and keep energy high while dieting. This avoids that lethargic feeling that many experience when cutting calories.The shakes are great-tasting too, which is a big advantage
for the ViSalus range.

The real difference compared to other weight loss techniques is that it adapts to your lifestyle. There are four kits available from the introductory Balance Kit to the Transformation kit,
meaning that everyone can get the results they want at their own pace. ViSalus also gives out over $100,000 a year in prizes to those who follow the challenge, which makes this program
very motivating too.

All ViSalus products are gluten free as well as Kosher, making them suitable for anyone.

If you'd like more information ViSalus in Winter Haven, please visit

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