Viridian Health Management Partners with The Arizona Small Business Association to Support the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program

Viridian Health Management, announced its partnership with the Arizona Small Business Association to support the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program, assist Arizona employers to execute worksite health programs and address chronic health issues.

Viridian Health Management, an integrative healthcare services provider focused on improving individual and population health through comprehensive health management programs, today announced its partnership with the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) to support the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program.

Supported by a grant through the Arizona Department of Health Services and Maricopa County Department of Public Health, ASBA has subcontracted with Viridian for its implementation expertise in worksite health programs. Viridian will provide the knowledge and skills for Arizona employers to effectively develop and execute worksite health programs to address chronic health issues, support employer-specific health improvement and save money for employers. Key components of the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program will focus on innovative ways to encourage employees to increase physical activity, improve nutritional status, encourage health screenings, reduce tobacco use and provide incentives for the adoption of healthy behaviors. Viridian will also provide operational management of the program, conduct individual and organizational assessments, provide implementation support and data collection, as well as provide training to program participants.

Viridian, also the implementation contractor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Healthy Worksite Program (NHWP), will provide ASBA with the NHWP's Worksite Health 101 curriculum to offer training over a 12-month timeframe. Written by Viridian for the CDC as a public domain training curriculum to help employers build the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable wellness programs, the Worksite Health 101 training will be offered to employers in community settings and via webinars in the following six communities: Flagstaff, Central Phoenix, North Phoenix/Peoria/Glendale, Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert, Tucson and Payson.

"According to the Office of Vital Records of the Arizona Department of Health Services, heart disease was the underlying cause of 21.2 percent of deaths among Arizona residents in 2010 and was the leading cause of death for native Americans in Arizona. In addition, diabetes was among the top five causes of death among American Indians, Blacks and Hispanics for that year1," said Brenda Schmidt, president and CEO of Viridian Health Management. "With Viridian's proven track record of successfully implementing customized, worksite wellness programs for employers of varied sizes, our partnership with ASBA will help to improve the health of Arizona employees and reduce healthcare costs for local employers."

"This is another great example of the power of public-private partnerships," said Will Humble, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services. "Data proves that worksite wellness programs can pay huge dividends in public health and in a company's bottom line; however, health departments have limitations in reaching and assisting businesses. By partnering with ASBA, our statewide expert in reaching small businesses, and Viridian Health Management, headquartered here in Arizona and national implementation contractor for the CDC's National Healthy Worksite Program, we are putting our state in the best position to assist businesses."

Added Schmidt, "By collaborating with ASBA, Viridian looks forward to partnering with such an outstanding local organization and providing the expertise in building the knowledge and skills that Arizona employers need to implement effective worksite health strategies, including program planning, data collection, implementation and evaluation."

"ASBA is committed to worksite health and safety in Arizona and we are well positioned to coordinate this worksite wellness initiative based on our experience of providing safety training and support to Arizona employers through a similar model for more than 10 years," said Rick Murray, chief executive officer, ASBA.

ASBA will initially reach out to its 11,000+ members to communicate opportunities for worksite health training and support. ASBA will also partner with Arizona chambers of commerce and other stakeholders to thoroughly disseminate training and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, share best practices and provide access to public domain resources that support worksite health.

Added Murray, "We're proud to have Viridian Health Management as a strategic partner to deliver evidence-based wellness programs and enhance the value provided to our members and the business community in Arizona. With our statewide reach, we look forward to engaging employers of various sizes and industry sectors throughout Arizona to promote worksite health and safety and help employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and lower their risk of developing costly chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity."

1 Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics 2010, Leading Causes of Death,, pages 109-122

About Viridian Health Management
Viridian Health Management is a healthcare improvement company focused on improving individual and population health through its pioneering health coaching techniques, integrative approach to wellness, powerful technology platform and actionable analytics. Its comprehensive health management solutions combine evidence-based and emerging best practices for worksites, communities, the public sector and healthcare partners. Viridian focuses on engaging individuals to make healthy behavior changes that result in better health outcomes and financial savings. To learn more about Viridian Health Management, visit online at, follow at, email or call 1 877-486-0140.

About ASBA
The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) is the largest trade association in the state representing 11,000+ member businesses, and over a half million employees in all 15 counties. ASBA members enjoy access to significant group discounts, countless opportunities to do business with each other, a wide array of insurance products, and active advocacy efforts on public policy issues to protect their businesses. To learn more about ASBA, visit online at, follow at and or call 602-306-4000.

About Arizona Department of Health Services
The Arizona Department of Health Services promotes and protects the health of Arizona's children and adults. Its mission is to set the standard for personal and community health through direct care, science, public policy and leadership. The Department operates programs in behavioral health, disease prevention and control, health promotion, community public health, environmental health, maternal and child health, emergency preparedness and regulation of childcare and assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, other health care providers and emergency services. To learn more, visit online at, follow at and or call 602-542-1025.

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The Maricopa County Department of Public Health provides valuable services to approximately 4 million residents in the Phoenix metro area. Its mission is to protect and promote the health and well-being of Maricopa County residents and visitors. To learn more, visit online at, email, follow at and or call 602-506-6900.

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