Viral Traffic Generator that brings in Targeted Web Traffic and Leads 24 hours a day.

Rick is Launching an amazing free online tool that will change the way advertising is done on the Internet. This free traffic generator produces targeted Web traffic and leads to any online business and offers tracking and cloaking features.

one of the biggest problems that most online marketers face is getting targeted web traffic to their sites.

Rick Barko, an Internet marketer is launching a traffic generating tool that can generate viral and targeted web traffic to any site within minutes. To help fellow online marketers increase targeted web site traffic he is giving this traffic generator for free.

The name of this viral traffic generation tool is "Multiply My Traffic" ( This site transforms ordinary links into powerful traffic links that help you get targeted traffic to your website.

This tool also addresses one of the major concerns of affiliate marketing, loss of affiliate commission. By cloaking the affiliate links and hiding them from the user, this link cloaker not only protects your affiliate commissions but also help you accumulate credits every time your affiliate link is clicked.

The third tool which tracks all your conversions and sales is also provided free with the membership. A user can easily transform all links on their website or affiliates site and use them instead of original links. This will help you get targeted web traffic and earn ad credits every time visitors click on your links.

Dennis, one of the user of Multiply My Traffic users said, "I have been studying traffic generators for about 14 months and this SUPER Viral Web Traffic Generator generator appears to be the easiest and most effective that I have ever seen."

The ADS generated by this traffic generator are very professional and unobtrusive, it creates a sense of urgency by displaying a count down timer at the corner of the AD. The ADs themselves are very targeted and show up only on specific niche to generate high quality targeted web site traffic and sky rocket the conversions.

All you need to get access to this amazing tool is to go to and register and all the 3 tools are yours for free. All the users who register are also registered as an affiliate to this site so that whenever you use the Multiply My Traffic tool you can earn additional income as an affiliate.

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