Vintage and Modern Jewelry Come Together in New Collection Launched by New York Jewelry Designer

An exciting new online jewelry storefront, WINNOW, combines antique and modern jewelry in a showcase featuring the work of four emerging New York jewelry designers. Designs are currently available from the First Quarter collection.

Brooklyn, New York - New York jewelry designer Emily Bute launched a new creative effort this year to combine the antique and fashion jewelry market in a single online retail and design space. WINNOW, "a place for beautiful jewelry, old and new" was launched in early 2014, featuring the work of four designers rising in prominence in the East Coast fashion jewelry market. Beloved Little Lamb, Better Late Than Never, K/LLER Collection, and Ms. Bute's own WINNOW line make up the current collection. This unique marketplace offers reclaimed antiques and contemporary designs with both antique and modern influences.

The founder, Ms. Bute, attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where she studied Enameling and Jewelry, with a body of thesis work heavily based in Victorian Mourning Jewelry. Post graduation she moved to New York City to work at Kiln Enamel, where she studied the creation of production jewelry in a studio environment. From there, Ms. Bute moved on to design jewelry for firms such as Alexis Bittar, Haskell Jewels, Lee Angel, Macy's and more. She designs for the fashion jewelry market with modern trends and materials, but always looks to the past for inspiration.

Ms. Bute founded WINNOW because she wanted a space to show both antique and new jewelry in the same space, on the same level. "So few women actually wear only new, or only vintage, and I wanted to show that pairing the old with the new allows both pieces to be viewed with a new lens", said Ms. Bute. As both a maker and collector, Ms. Bute hopes that WINNOW can be a site that inspires and educates about what is new to the market, and what has been there all along, even if it was hidden among the archives. She noted, "We only feature modern makers that use time tested processes in their work that reflect the antiques also present in the shop." The WINNOW collection on the site is made by Ms. Bute herself in her Brooklyn studio, as an outlet for her to create her own pieces that hearken to the Art Deco and Mid Century Modern pieces in the shop.

The future of WINNOW is bright, with plans to present a wider range of American jewelers and a continually changing array of antiques. The launch of the WINNOW line will be available for wholesale orders by mid-2014 and will then be available nationwide through independent retailers.


Winnow curates estate and antique jewelry pieces to exhibit among new studio jewelry of today. It is a space for antique and modern pieces to shine on the same platform. The aim of the Winnow is to present the point of view that both the young and the old can coexist and amplify one another's beauty. For more information or to contact WINNOW, visit the site online at

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