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Villagers and Volunteers Battle Climate Change in the Gulf of Thailand

Volunteers with Reach Out Volunteers have united with villagers to battle the effects of Climate Change in the Gulf of Thailand.

Reach Out Volunteers, an Australian based volunteer organization has announced the completion of a water supply project for isolated islanders in the Gulf of Thailand that will help overcome the adverse effects of Climate Change on the local water supply.

Changing rainfall patterns in the Gulf mean that the water wells run dry earlier each year. Recently the villagers have found themselves without fresh water as early as November. For months they pay for bottled water to be shipped from the mainland.

The poorest villagers, who cannot afford bottled water, reuse grey water or scoop dregs from the bottom of the wells which are often polluted from chemical seepage. Volunteers from around the world have been working with the villagers to build a new water catchment and supply system.

Who supplied the money and materials?

All materials and wages for local laborers were supplied by the Reach Out Volunteers Charity. Volunteers paid to be there and worked for free. The new water system was turned on last week and it is expected to harvest sufficient rainfall during the wet season to supply the villagers needs right through the dry season.

Where did the volunteers come from?

Tom Jowett, the General Manager for Reach Out Volunteers said that "volunteers from around the world worked hand in hand with villagers to provide a simple local solution to the impact of Climate Change on a very poor community".

What does it the new solution look like?

The project can be viewed at

How much money does the Reach Out Charity spend on administration costs?

The Reach Out Charity spends zero dollars on administration. Every cent that the Charity receives from donations or for the purchase of merchandise is spent in the villages and on the projects we work on. Tom Jowett commented; " I know that there is a lot in the media about "charity muggers" or "chuggers" as they are called but ROV spends 100 cents of every dollar we receive on our projects".

How can I support the work of Reach Out Charity?

Easy, if you are adventurous, come on one of our projects and get some dirt under your fingernails helping us build new infrastructure for villagers. You can help extend the growing season for the villagers in the high Andes by working with them to build simple greenhouses. Or, maybe work in a village in Cambodia or Africa repairing the homes of the poorest villagers.
If you are time poor but with a warm heart then go on line to the website at and purchase some of the merchandise from the Charity. Every single cent you pay will be spent in and around the villages we work in. And you get the merchandise as well! How good is that?

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