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Viking Bags Offers Motorcycle Saddlebags In Different Price Variations

Determined to surpass its existing counterparts, Viking Bags offers over 200 varieties of motorcycle bags. In order to attract clients from varying economic backgrounds, these bags are available in diverse prices ranging from $50 to $300.

Ever since it was established in 2007, Viking Bags has merely focused on manufacturing high quality motorcycle luggage. The luggage bags engineered by the company are made from 100% pure leather and are guaranteed to address the multifarious needs of both professional and amateur bikers. These saddlebags have universal fitting and will look gorgeous on various motorcycles manufactured by renowned brands such as Harley, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph and Honda.

It is a common practice that after selecting a desirable product, most customers instantly glance at the price tag to determine if a certain product is within their reach. Luckily, the motorcycle luggage at Viking Bags is available in five different price variations.

The most economical bags are the windshield bags, tool bags and small-sized sissy bar bags. The price of these bags does not exceed $75. However, this surprisingly affordable price does not mean that the craftsmen at Viking Bags compromise on quality when it comes to these easily manageable bags. Most bags manufactured by low quality materials sag within a few months or years. On the contrary, these motorcycle bags are 2.5-3 mm thick which grants them an extraordinary degree of shape retaining ability.

Viking Cruise Roll Bags are ideal for long distance traveling since these bags can accommodate a significant amount of vital gear and accessories. Costing less than $100, these bags come with well-detailed yet simplified mounting instructions. In terms of price division, these bags fall into that category of bags that have a price range from $75- $125. Viking AXE Saddlebags for Sports Bikes are another latest addition to this category.

Designed for sports bikes, the backs of these bags have a protected rubber lining that will be instrumental in protecting the motorcycle from any damage.

Weighing approximately 19.14 pounds, the Indian Chief Dark House does not only have a pleasant ring to the ears, but is cost-effective as well. Viking Bags offer this product for $150. In fact, all varieties of Indian saddlebags have a price range of $125-$200 and have an estimated shipping time of 3-4 business days.

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