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ViennaCC Releases Dubstep Version Of Rumba Song For Free Download

Austrian musician ViennaCC releases a dubstep version of his rumba style song "Words Of Love"

Austria based musician ViennaCC produced a dubstep version of the song "Words Of Love" from his latest album "Going Out For Summer". The song was originally planned as rumba, but this version has a minimalist arrangement mostly based on bass and drums. The remarkable part is the solo guitar in the middle of the song, where effects are added to the guitar line.

ViennaCC: "I try to find new ways of playing and recording a guitar. Squeaking and fumbling is known from rockbands since the 80s. Every metalband does that. So I combine my guitarplay with effects in the studio. I call that process After Effects reminding on the workout of a music video when I put effects in the final cut."

The interesting thing in this recording is the combination of genres. The song is written as rumba song and originally recorded as rumba with modern sound effects. Now the rumba rhythm was replaced by a pure electronic drumset. The chords playing guitar was removed and the bassline was mixed by a dubstep sound bass line.

The song can be downloaded for free at
ViennaCC: "A gift to fans"

The song "Words Of Love" was originally released on the latest album "Going Out For Summer". A video was released on YouTube, which received more than 200.000 views.

ViennaCC played in bands with various genres, from hardrock to dance music. ViennaCC's goal is short and melodious songs, with a kick of 60s style, but with modern sounds and sound effects. Musical roots are beat, pop and indierock. ViennaCC's goal to record songs that sound like the Beatles would sound today.

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, Austria, a bohemian lifestyle enjoying music and video production. ViennaCC: "I loathe stress. A waltz in my mind, but a rock guitar in my hand."

ViennaCC was 2x nominated for a New Music Award in Hollywood, awarded a medal by the International Society of Photographers and reached the semi-final at "Song of the year"-contest in Nashville.


Latest album "Going Out For Summer" :

ViennaCC homepage:

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