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Victory for Law Firms Clients In The Turkish Heartland Of Property Scandals

Yilmaz Law has secured the property for a number of clients from ARM Constructon Ltd,Altinkum,Didim,Turkey.

A number of clients have now achieved ownership of their property in a development built by ARM Construction Ltd In Mavisehir on the outskirts of Didim,Altinkum,Aydin,Turkey

Yilmaz Law acted for a group of foreign investors who had previously had alternative legal representation some for nearly five years with no result.

After such a long battle the clients are delighted especially as ARM Construction Ltd is now infamous in the area for a number of other developments where purchasers are still in litigation and have received nothing.

Sibel Yilmaz the senior Lawyer said "The victory is especially pleasing as some of my clients had got no results in the past and at last they now have full ownership of the tapus that they paid for many years ago"

In the area of Didim ,Altinkum and Akbuk there are many problems caused by a multitude of factors and there are multiple cases ongoing in the local and high courts.

The legal system is very different to that which many of the purchasers have experienced and many feel let down by the speed of the court system that seems to leave purchasers unprotected.
Many of these problems have been exacerbated by bad historical legal representation advice and contracts.

Each problem often has unique circumstances and many cases seem to have come to a halt or are taking years in the court system.
Yilmaz Law has had considerable success in securing cash and properties for its clients and hopes to continue making in roads into the massive problems.

Sibel Yilmaz added "It is maybe worth reviewing some of the cases and to explore other avenues of redress" The problems in this area of Turkey and many others popular with foreign investors have become substantial.

The court system and laws do not seem to give any protection at all to the investors that were given the green light to invest by the Turkish Government and since then has been considerable losses and a therefore a substantial dent in Turkey's reputation.

It can only be hoped that legal precedents are made to try and assist this large scale problem or that the Turkish Government stands up and directs its legal system to right so many wrongs that have taken place in the sale of property and real estate.

In a country with so many positives it seems wrong and out dated that a defense in a court of law can simply be that a defendant has no assets so they can not be punished and it seems that judges that decide in favor of parties then have no mechanism to enforce those rulings and recoup the losses and interest awarded by courts.

One of the best ways to locate pro active legal representation is by results and personal recommendation and these clients that achieved a small victory in a mass of ongoing problems are available to contact (subject to their consent) via Yilmaz law and Managing Partner Sibel Yilmaz Yilmaz Law Offices are Located In the Centre of Didim above the 2nd Notary Aydin Turkey

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