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Vibration Plates - The Perfect Aid In Weight Reduction

Training on a Vibration Plate is safe and effective, but the results lie in restricting to a healthy diet and the usage method.

Vibration Plate is a high-speed workout equipment that enables the body's muscles to contract and relax by using vibrations to stimulate them. A 10-minutes workout on the Vibration Plate will have the same results as a 60-minute conventional strenuous training. Vibration Plate training is a remedy for people who are inclined to involve in serious weight loss schedule. Nevertheless, merely standing on the Vibration Plate for some time and holding the handle firmly will definitely not meet the purpose. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism in order to use the machine to suit the purpose.

Vibration Plate Types

Vibration Plate uses the three types of technologies - Vertical, Tri-Planar & Dual Mode System. Vertical Plate Vibration also called oscillating vibration is helpful in weight reduction rather than muscle building. The speed of the machine is expressed in hertz and imitates a see-saw movement. Tri-Planar Vibration Plate vibrates in three dimensions - sideways, up and down and front to back. The speed ranges from 20 to 50 Hz. This is helpful in bringing good muscle strength in addition to the fat burning process. Dual Mode Vibration Plate is very beneficial for persons who desire to achieve specific fitness goal.

Age Limit

Vibration Plate training is beneficial for even children as young as 14 years of age as it is medically tested for many reasons such as flexibility, stamina, muscle strength, increase in blood circulation and many more. However supervision is highly recommended for such young users. Women after the menopause stage can reap the benefit of the Vibration Plate for their chronic back pain. Vibration Plate training is also suited for elderly people up to the age of 75 as it can be tuned not to cause any damage to the joints and ligaments.

Guidelines to use Vibration Plate

Handling: The Vibration Plates are designed with controls to alter and select the frequency, amplitude and time. Certain machines are integrated with virtual training software that is tailor-made to different levels and highly advantageous for both young and old people.

Usage: Before stepping onto the Vibration Plate, it is important to keep the body hydrated. The parameters such as the vibration level and time must be keyed in before and after the workout session. In order to improve the longevity of the Vibration Plate training, you need to concentrate the body weight in the plate's central point. Vibration frequency is set depending on the workout type. Rigorous exercises however must be carried out with adequate control over the method.

Accessories: It is advisable to wear comfortable attire and shoes during Vibration Plate workout. To add comfort during training, use of VibroMat is advisable.


Vibration Plate training is not recommended for persons with chronic heart problems, severe headache, spondylitis and epilepsy. Beginners should strictly avoid using higher amplitude during their initial days of training.

The best method of training in a Vibration Plate is to gradually increase the frequency.

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