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Vibration Machine - Effective Way To Lose Weight And Make Body Fit

With sophistication being added to the fitness industry, it is now possible for any individual to lose weight with less efforts and time.

Vibration Machine is presently considered to be an effective way of losing weight and one just needs to spend about 10 to 15 minutes in a day. The Vibration Machine is getting popular and also called the home based gym equipment.

Vibration Machine: Independent and effective

The individual can exercise with every comfort and fulfil his requirement within the home itself. This means the individual no more has to go outside for getting the desired shape. Also, there would be no requirement of the person to enrol in any gym or weight loss program. Whenever, the individual finds time, the Vibration Machine can be used. This is one of the primary reason as to why, this machine is appreciated and also used by most celebrities, personalities, sports people, entertainers, individuals, therapeutic/medical/rehabilitation centres, hotel spas, fitness facilities and universities.

About the Vibration Machine

Basically, the Vibration Machine comprises of a "Vibrating platform" on which the individual performs dynamic or static movements like sitting, kneeling, standing and other exercises. Apart from this, other exercises like lunges, crunches, push-ups and squats can be performed on this machine. As a matter of fact, the individual can also rest his feet over it or sit on it comfortably. By exercising on this machine helps the individual a lot of unwanted calories, within a short time period.

Vital fat burning functions carried out by the Vibration Machine

1. Boosts growth hormone:

The Vibration Machine is known to boost human growth hormone by about 361%. This is a hormone that diminishes with age and causes weakness of the muscles and increase in weight. Entire body vibration does enhance the HGH and assists in creating a better muscular, lean and toned body, besides the other advantages of HGH.

2. Supporting lean muscle mass:

Rapid vibrations do assist in building and maintain lean muscle mass. This means the body burns the fat present, the whole day and not only during workout. Dramatic weight loss can be experienced with fat burning.

3. Lower stress hormone:

Stress hormone or Cortisol tends to promote fat gain, especially around the belly region. Vibration Machine can help in diminishing the circulating cortisol level by about 30%.

4. Enhances Blood circulation and oxygenation:

Vibration Machine assists in reducing the emergence of cellulite and causes appropriate oxygen distribution throughout the body.

5. Boosts lymphatic health:

The Lymphatic system does play an important role in detoxification. The functions are to remove fat deposits, metabolic waste items and toxins from the body. Power-walking or rebounding while pumping and swinging the arms on this machine is recommended to flush the waste items from the body.

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