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Vibrant Life HCG Responds To The Dr. Oz Show - HCG Diet Miracle

Vibrant Life HCG spokesperson and founder Joe Rare responds to the Dr. Oz Show featuring the HCG Diet and uncovers a lot of information that was explained and also that which was looked over. With the most knowledge in the industry, we know HCG Diets

This past week the Dr. Oz Show featured the HCG Diet and discussed the pros and cons, whether it was fact or fiction and showcased some amazing results in many people. I'm Joe, the founder of Vibrant Life HCG and I am looking at this from a viewers eye, discussing what was seen, what was subtly expressed and also the things that the show didn't have enough time to discuss.

I started Vibrant Life HCG to make a major impact into the obesity epidemic and we are doing that in record numbers. Dr. Oz did a wonderful job of letting the world see that this weight loss option known as the HCG Diet was available to the public with and without a prescription, injections or drops. He showcased 12-15 or maybe even a few more individuals who all lost a significant amount of weight on the HCG Diet and kept it off. All of these people he says, "lost a combined weight of over 800 pounds." Now as a viewer, that is amazing and your attention goes right there in a big way, especially if you are overweight, looking for a new weight loss option that works.

Shortly after discussing the amazing results of this large group of people under the care of Dr. Emma who was wonderful on the show, though she could have been more outspoken, he moves over to discuss two ladies who have not had a great success with the injection HCG Diet. These two women complained about having some side-effects due to the use of HCG and yet they did NOT offer any medical proof that a doctor said that HCG caused the symptoms they experienced. That is huge to me, as I still cannot find one single medical case that is proving that the ingesting of HCG, the homeopathic form in the body, has actually caused one medical condition.

Next, Dr. Oz had a woman who is a radio personality on the show and she had enormous success, losing over 50 pounds and keeping it off, by using the HCG drops. Accompanying her, but sitting in the audience was the chiropractor that carried the drops she used and he also had huge success, losing 35 pounds and keeping it off. As you can see, there is a lot of success reinforcement from all of these people who have received such huge benefit from the HCG Diet.

Here is something that is very interesting to me; Dr. Oz mentioned that his wife did the HCG drops live on the show as he was introducing the radio personality guest. I know that it was very subtle, but the fact is, he did mention it for the world to hear and that is a positive plug for the HCG drops no matter which way you look at it. I received no less than 200 emails due to that one comment. I wasn't sure too many people would catch it, but I will say that if you want to give a little push without exactly saying, "go for it," that was a great way to do it.

The last two guests on the show were opposed to the diet and one of them was a guy who had something to do with research of the HCG Diet. This guy had zero personality, he was so matter-of-fact and here is the worst part of it all: he didn't have any true data. His explanation was about this deep, "we tested a lot of people using HCG and also a placebo and it was the same." I mean seriously; that was nothing when it comes to showing proof. I was thinking he was going to break out some factual data, something about exact body compositions including fat loss, muscle mass and water weight. It was really odd that he didn't have one factual document or proof to lay on the table. He was trumped by Dr. Oz saying, "but I can't ignore all of these successes." And in that group of successes as he pointed was a Cardiologist that decided to do the HCG Diet and was having tremendous success. Another huge, but subtle message is that even a cardiologist and Dr. Oz's wife think it's safe enough to use.

The facts are that the HCG Diet is offering huge results for people, in the counts of hundreds of thousands in America alone. When I started offering HCG drops, I began by testing groups of people to ensure that while they did lose a significant amount of fat and weight, they maintained their muscle mass and water weight. This was extremely important to me personally as I am a fanatic about optimal health and protecting the delicate balance of the body's biochemistry. I found the following to be the case in the 331 individuals that I tested over a 30-day period: fat mass decreased dramatically, at the rate of 1.18 pounds per day. Muscle mass remained nearly unchanged, only losing just 0.4% in the same 30 days. A great success was water weight increased and I know that most people do not drink enough water, therefore this was a huge success in my eyes.

The concern with the HCG drops that Dr. Oz and Mr. Zero Personality mentioned was the fear that there was only a trace amount of HCG in the product and therefore it would be results by suggestion only, but here is something crazy to think about: in homeopathic products it is supposed to be that way. The dilution scale only leaves a trace amount of the active ingredient. Homeopathy is looking for the energetic imprint of the active agent in a product to trigger an energetic or call it a biochemical response in the body. For HCG, that biochemical or energetic response in the body would be recognizing the imprint of HCG upon ingestion, the hypothalamus gland (responsible for metabolic processes among many others) instructs the body to release stored fat and dump it into the blood to be used as energy. That energetic response created is not forced like with chemically created drugs and injections and it occurs naturally when the energetic imprint of HCG is recognized by the brain. To say that HCG drops do not work because they contain only a small amount of HCG in them is absolutely an ignorant comment. Read one piece of literature on homeopathy and you will create an understanding that a small amount is the point.

I know that Dr. Oz is a western medical doctor, but he is very aware and interested in alternative health options and it would have been so much more effective if he explained the essence of homeopathy before allowing Mr. Zero Personality to state his narrow and ignorant opinion. It would have saved air time for the show and possibly less confusion.

Overall, I do believe that the Dr. Oz show was a benefit to the HCG Diet industry and created an enormous amount of exposure to this amazing weight loss opportunity. I know that we received a lot of phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, tweets on Twitter and new customers, so I am extremely grateful for his insight and consideration. As always, I am grateful for all who take a moment to read this and if I can help answer any questions regarding health, weight loss, HCG or alternative health, you can reach me via my Ask Joe resource on my site at Please reach out if I can be of any assistance. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, or and I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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