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Veterans without Issues Can Also Be Employed

Read about an opportunity available to all veterans, not just the ones in need of help.

Many programs aim at helping homeless, unskilled or alcoholic veterans, which is great; but what about the rest? What about the vets who went to school, who have a little bit of money and who are ready for a new career?

Financial Coach Enterprises is hiring! At FCE, they are aware of the very special skills veterans possess, such as problem-solving and goal orientation. They know that these skills are highly transferable, especially with the help of their unique training program that teaches about salesmanship and entrepreneurship among many others. They realize that these vets should not be applying to low-skilled jobs. Rather, they should be developing themselves through the educational programs FCE has created especially for vets to become associates within FCE.

Financial Coach Enterprises is a sales and marketing organization created for Americans who need and want a "fresh start" in a new career, we are dedicated to providing the opportunity of becoming a professional Financial Advisor to all Americans.

We're Hiring! Whether you live in San Diego California, Dallas Texas, or wherever you call home. FCE is hiring warriors and developing them into Financial Advisors all across America bringing the highest standard of prospecting and development in the industry, creating prosperity through opportunity. Our sales and marketing program offers a solid training program, dynamic incentive-based compensation, and the opportunity for all our colleagues to work either part time or full time.

For more information on Financial Coach (FCE) go to their website at or call us at (855) 833-7835.

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