VERTROTV Setting Up It's FALL Lineup with Great Shows!

VERTROTV sets up it's FALL line up with mixed shows. From Comedy and Drama to Late Night!

With new talk shows and TV series on the way, Vertrotv is heading up it's FALL lineup early with promotions starting this summer. A new female LATE NIGHT host will be announced to bump heads with Dave Letterman & Jimmy Fallon.

VERTROTV will also have their first annual awards show in Los Angeles featuring categories from all genres of entertainment, Music & Sports.

The new FALL lineup will include a new set of fresh actors with A list veterans. " THE BAR " is a new comedy starring comedy writer and producer Olivia Bosek as Jenny Scarsdale, a young aspiring documentary filmmaker who just can't seem to ever get it right! But, this time she's sure things are going to be different! The agenda: Expose the Mob and make an awesome documentary about it at her new job.
Her plan quickly turns sour when her manager position is threatened by another new employee.

" THE BAR " is currently shown in mini episodes on Vertrotv.

" TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS is a new Drama featuring one set of teens and young adults dealing with a new world trying to make it on their own away from family comfort and another set dealing with life without ever having family comfort at all.

" LATE NIGHT " Will feature a woman tonight show host that has been dominated by men since the beginning. Vertrotv's late night show will have a different effect bringing a little bit of Daytime & Nighttime talk together with comedy and real issues of everyday life!
VERTRO is keeping this secret host under raps until it's almost time for the show to premier.

We can't wait!


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