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Vehicles And Mobile Objects Always In View - With The Tracking Software Comm.Gps

The software for GPS and cell phone tracking comm.gps of community4you GmbH is part of comm.fleet product line for enterprise resource planning.

comm.gps ( is a comprehensive product for GPS and cell phone tracking vehicles and objects. Here, an integrated software and hardware solution is provided or - if necessary - integrate already existing tracking devices into the companies' platforms. Thus, firms can locate their vehicles and mobile objects anywhere and create their own telematics solution. With comm.gps, companies optimize their processes and the use of their resources.

If required, it is possible to completely integrate the tracking software comm.gps with the comm.fleet product line, with the fleet management system comm.fleet as well as with the software products for leasing management and comm.object for object management. Due to the various possibilities for combining the different products and software modules, companies are able to obtain a customized solution for managing their vehicle fleet and object portfolio.

Whether for cars, laptops, mobile phones or containers, comm.gps provides an automatic and selective locating of vehicles and objects as well as group tracking in real time. Here, GPS and mobile phone tracking is carried out comfortably via one common interface. In addition to the tracking on maps with integrated status information and current mileage, comm.gps offers a free choice of maps and map displays and a user-definable tracking channel.

The built-in workflow management facilitates the administration and prioritization of work orders including the display on the map. Moreover, comm.gps offers a message center to support the information flow between the driver and the control center. The implemented geofence editor is used to monitor and determine the permitted geographical operating range. The integrated route planning function includes an alarm function, which notifies the user upon entry into geofences or exceeding of the planned rest or drving times. Furthermore, comm.gps also allows the definition of key locations, the points of interest (POI), and also the determination of the nearest POI. With the report generator it is possible to create recurring as well as user-defined and standard reports. The reporting tool also allows the analysis of routes and the determination of driving and rest times.

In addition, the internationally applicable tracking software comm.gps fully supports the use of multiple languages and offers a variety of interfaces thus ensuring a smooth integration into the IT environment. In addition, comm.gps meets any requirement - regardless of your business model the software adapts to any kind of structure and industry.

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