How to Gain Weight

Various Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Gaining weight is as difficult as it is to lose weight. But, there are more ways to gain weight.

Most people become envious when they come across people who are very skinny because they never put on weight regardless of their eating habits. However, it is strongly believed that those people must also have the desire to gain weight.

There are lots of recommendations on the internet and also can be found in textbooks which give a detailed explanation of the various ways that one could use to gain weight.

Reasons for being underweight

People may be underweight due to several reasons, for example, inadequate feeding habits, poor selection of foods, prolonged meal time gaps, increased physical activity without increasing the food intake, are a few of the key reasons which contributes to the reduced weight of an individual.

There are also other reasons, which includes malabsorption due to chronic illness, other diseases, for example, tuberculosis, cancer, hyperthyroidism and most importantly eating disorders, for example anorexia nervosa or anorexia bulimia.

It is strongly advisable that people, who are underweight due to reasons apart from chronic illness and other diseases as mentioned above, should refer to a dietician and must follow strictly the guidelines as prepared by the professional dietician.

Ways to gain weight

People must think of how to gain weight by planning their carefully in order to gain weight gradually. The main objective should be to restore a required weight according to one's age, height and gender. It is very important to have a healthy weight gain in order to maintain a good nutritional value, rebuild body tissues and to maintain ideal body weight.

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How to Gain Weight
How to Gain Weight
How to Gain Weight