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Vargo Outdoors Develops Worlds Lightest Titanium Wood Stove

Vargo Outdoors began as a website devoted to providing information on how to backpack and offered various hiking checklists and Appalachian Trail statistics. Now Vargo outdoors is manufacturing and selling online outdoor gear, camping gear etc.

Vargo Outdoors, manufacturer of titanium-based backpacking gear, announces the development of a wood burning backpacking stove that weighs in at a mere 4.1 ounces.

Backpackers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy a hot meal while in the outdoors without the need to pack store-bought backpacking fuel such as, white gas or iso-butane canisters. Natural alternatives such as, sticks, bark, or pine cones can be easily used to prepare a hot meal.

The six-sided Vargo wood stove, appropriately name the "Hexagon" stove, utilizes hinged titanium plates that are incredibly lightweight, yet can withstand repeated exposure to high temperatures without damage. Ample air intake from alternately shorted side panels allows for proper flame maintenance and a stable base. Unlike a campfire, the Hexagon stove is environmentally friendly and will not blacken the ground or leave an unsightly blemish. A hinged door, located on the stove, side

The stove is easy to assemble and disassemble through its unique accordian-syle hinges that fold flat for compact transport. A singular locking mechanism holds the entire system in place. The stoves conical design focuses the intensity of the flame upwards toward the bottom of your pot. The "V" shaped cuts at the top then allow the flame to hug the circumference pots and increase heating efficiency.

For more information, please visit the Hexagon wood backpacking stove product page. For usage tips and demo, please watch the wood stove demo.

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Since 2001 Vargo has been an innovator of lightweight backpacking stoves and hiking gear. Primarily using the benefits of ultralight yet ultra-strong titanium material, Vargo has developed a unique line of products that reflect our commitment to improve and simplify outdoor gear design and utility.

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