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March 17, 2014 by gary ·
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There is always quite a debate when hiring your DJ services for an event as to what is the appropriate price to pay. As can be expected, different clients have different ideas, expectations and requirements. This is part of the reason why many Vancouver DJ's have various services and pricing to try and meet those different requirements.

Before we get into actually discussing price there are a couple of realities that as a Vancouver DJ, quite a few possible clients are not aware of when deciding upon their price point for a DJ. One for example, is does the DJ service have decent newer vehicle for reliable transportation? I think everyone knows how expensive it is to have and maintain a good reliable vehicle. If the DJ can't get there it doesn't matter how cheaply they cost… it is not a good deal for you. The same goes with equipment. Good equipment and lighting is expensive and expensive to maintain and repair. There again, if the music doesn't play… it is not much of a party. Thirdly, is the venue. Some venues such as the Pan Pacific or Fairmont Pacific Rim heavy terrible load in policies making it difficult for services to load in and out. This also applies to harbor cruise ships. I once had to carry equipment up five flights of stairs piece by piece so this will certainly be taken into consideration when DJ services set their pricing.

So how much should you reasonably pay? After completing over 1,750 successful wedding events as a Vancouver DJ and playing in just about every venue in town, depending upon the venue, $580 for a seven hour budget service should be the very least that you pay. For all the reasons mentioned beforehand as well as many more, a DJ just can't guarantee you a flawless musical event for less. If the venue is a difficult one to load in or has flights of stairs and no elevator, you should expect to pay more. I hear of DJs going for $350 or even less. Like anything else, you get what you pay for and you take your chances. Be forewarned, myself and other reputable DJ services get many calls a year from frantic people saying their DJ has canceled on them at the last minute. Most often these cheap DJ's offer no type of satisfaction guarantee and quite often do not sign a contract with you. These DJ's procure your event to fill the gap in dates and if somebody else comes along who is willing to pay more than you are dropped. This not only hurts you, it hurts the DJ industry as a whole is giving us an unprofessional image. So please don't contribute to that by hiring the cheapest DJ you can find and complaining about it afterwards they don't show up or do a poor job .

Here again depending upon the venue, a quality seven hour service with decent lighting, nice PA, contract, consultation and yes even the guarantee should run no less than around $750. To put that in perspective that is about five dollars a person if you have a 150 guests. I'm quite sure you can't get a decent plate of food for that price and keep in mind, that people remember the venue, remember the food and they sure as heck remember they had a good time. So, I urge you not to be too cheap on one of the top services required to have a successful event and a big contributor to one of the most important days of your life.
For more information on Vancouver DJ Services visit: Before we get into actually discussing price there are a couple of realities that as a Vancouver DJ, quite a few possible clients are not aware of when deciding upon their price point for a DJ.

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