Valrico Responds to Hurricane Sandy

Valrico provides emergency fuel and disaster recovery services to clients in wake of Hurricane Sandy.

When Superstorm Sandy threatened the Northeast, Valrico didn't waste any time. The company started preparing for "The Perfect Storm" as early as October 24, 2012 by setting up command centers and deploying drivers for pre-fueling efforts. Valrico has been providing emergency fuel, generator deployment, and other disaster recovery services to their clients since 2004.

Valrico's clients have traditionally been major wireless carriers, who are required by the FCC to keep their towers up and running to ensure first responder communications during and after natural disasters. But just before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy hit, Valrico gained 11 more major clients.

"We are very excited about the new business we have obtained and are grateful for the ability and experience to serve all of these clients," said Cindy Perez, Vice President of Valrico. "We have perfected our system over the years and our response to Hurricane Sandy has proven that it works."

Despite widespread road closures, power outages, and streets heavily littered with storm debris, Valrico was able to get through to their clients in an emergency - it's what they do. Valrico's fueling crews are equipped with four wheel drive diesel pickup trucks to access sites where others can't. Most of their drivers are also police officers, fire fighters, and boat captains.

"These guys know how to handle emergency situations. They are well trained and motivated to get the job done. We are very grateful that they are willing to work in post-hurricane conditions. Winter Storm Athena hit during our deployment and they were not deterred from the job at hand. They continued to work when others would surely quit. Our drivers are a huge part of what makes our company the best," Perez added.

James Smith, a new Facebook fan, posted this on the Valrico fan page; "Saw you guys heading up I-95 just prior to Sandy along with tree trucks and power trucks, read your [web]site: Never doubt the determination of a Floridian and his pickup truck!"

When the Northeast's fuel supply was threatened, Valrico was one of the only companies that still had a steady supply. Valrico utilized resources all over the country to ensure their supply did not falter.

"We are dedicated to our clients and will do whatever it takes to meet their needs. "No" is not a part of the Valrico vocabulary. We have been known to deploy boats, helicopters and ATVs to access hard to reach client sites. Our command center employees and drivers work long hours to meet our clients' needs. It's not easy, but it's what we do."
The Company is still working diligently with clients throughout the Northeast and other areas. As recovery efforts continue, Valrico has remained firm in its support, offering disaster recovery services where needed.

Valrico Ventures has been providing disaster recovery and transportation services to clients in the telecommunications and other industries since 2004. Valrico's management team has over 80 years of combined experience in the disaster recovery and logistics fields. Valrico has the resources to provide a solution for any situation that may arise during a disaster. For more information on Valrico, see
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