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Valium: Is This the Real Solution for Anxiety Disorder?

Valium was considered among the miracle drug for anxiety in the 80's and many considered it a quick solution for their daily stresses

Anxiety is among the most common mental illness in America affecting mostly adults. This is a treatable disorder, however only a small percentage are properly diagnosed and treated.

Other than medication, there are many alternatives treatment that can effectively be used to treat anxiety disorder.

Valium was considered among the miracle drug for anxiety in the 80's and many considered it a quick solution for their daily stresses. While drug companies are making plenty of profit from the pills, the health of the public is compromised.

The truth is our society depends highly on medications to deal with stress and there are dangers involved. Although Valium is not as popular today compared to other drugs, this is a big business and pharmaceuticals are creating more drug options for people to consume.

Some prescription pills are addictive and the numbers for addiction are high. Individuals who are highly dependent on pills are prone to withdrawal symptoms, seizures and even death.

This is evident by so many celebrities who died from prescription pills overdosed. Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston are among the victims of addiction and overdose.

The good news is there are healthy and safer ways to deal with anxiety attacks other than medications. Stop Anxiety Attacks has released a new book in pdf format that aims to give individuals better options in dealing with daily stresses and most importantly anxiety attacks.

Xanax, Valium and other benzodiazepines are dangerous and should be used when necessary because they have dangerous withdrawal effect on the human body.

Suffering from anxiety disorder is not the end of the world. There are many ways to prevent further attacks and deal with existing ones.

Acupuncture, herbs, yoga are examples of the many alternatives medicines for people who want to stop anxiety attacks from coming back.

Alternative medicines may not provide the quickest solution but it does give the patient lasting solution to a lifetime mental disorder. Do not let drug companies dictate the course of your illness by being proactive in your anxiety treatment.

Learn more about alternative treatments and how you can cope with anxiety disorder by visiting today!

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