Valentine's Day Proposal Bliss-Bomb, Unlike You Have Ever Seen… Try Not To Undefined Undefined Laugh or Cry !

This story is a Journalist's dream (especially if you write for Lifestyle, People or Entertainment demographic) BECAUSE there's a deeper story underneath that makes it worth looking into.

Australian Country Boy gets a dream one day of a place where he will meet his Soulmate.

He leaves his 800-person rural town to search the world for an EXACT place on the planet - one that he has never seen before.

It takes him 1-whole year to find it ... when he finds it ... he waits there EVERY DAY until his Beloved shows up and answers his 3-word Puzzle.

What the Australian Country Boy doesn't know is that that his Soulmate-to-Be was working with Jason Mraz (Celebrity Musician, Grammy Award Winner) to create some magic of her own, to Magnetize Her Beloved Aussie Boy right to her home town.

150x friends of these two people helped make a Short Movie (11:11) to tell a LOVE STORY of how these two people just Followed Their Bliss, found each other and made something really special happen.

How the Aussie Country Boy creates a Series of Bliss-Bombs for the girl that has Hidden Cameras, that lasts 6 and a half hours and executed across 3 cities.

Urban Dictionary definition of a Bliss-Bomb

But they don't give us the whole Buffet - they just serve up an Appetizer ... there's MORE Story behind-the-scenes.

In a fast-paced, hectic, even jaded world ... here is a couple that's actually the real deal and it's refreshing smile

Have a look at why this "LOVE STORY" video will bring a smile and warm the hearts and souls of its viewers showing that there can be MAGIC in finding Love.


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