VacuPractor Celebrated National Military Appreciation Month

VacuPractor celebrated National Military Appreciation Month with Americans this May. Founder and former U.S. Marine, Paul Hagen served his country with honors and now runs his company with integrity and desire befitting a military member.

VacuPractor joined millions of Americans this May for the 13th year of celebrating the National Military Appreciation Month in our country. In 1999, legislation was sponsored and supported through signing and beyond by military hero and current U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona. With the help of California Congressman Duncan Hunter and over 50 veteran service organizations, the country now has an entire month to focus on creative and heart felt ways to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate the U.S. military forces, past and present.

While Memorial Day comes but once per year, now a full month provides all Americans with the ability to show our respect for those who have fought, been injured and have died defending our freedoms and ways of life. VacuPractor actively supports the Wounded Warrior Foundation and proudly extends discounts on its back pain relief devices to current and former military members.

VacuPractor, founded by Paul Hagen, former U.S. Marine, also proudly employs veterans with service to this country in the Army, Marines and other branches as well. Building a successful business around back pain products, Mr. Hagen and the entire team at VacuPractor intimately understand the concept of sacrifice having served their time protecting and defending all Americans way of life.

The presidential proclamation this year reminded Americans just how vitally important the role of the U.S. Armed Forces truly is and has been to our country. Numerous events take place around the country and the National Military Appreciation Month gains strength and numbers each successive year.

In their quest to relieve lower back pain, Mr. Hagen, the veterans and everyone at VacuPractor focus on delivering the highest quality products and services to their customers. The company's commitment to giving more has been demonstrated repeatedly over the history of its operations. Most notably this commitment was evident after VacuPractor successfully applied for and received the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs verification as a veteran-owned business operating out of the state of Washington.

Paul Hagen and everyone connected with VacuPractor hopes this year's National Military Appreciation Month provided ample opportunities to honor and remember those military members past and present, living and dead as well as their families. We understand the sacrifices the men and women in uniform make, and are proud to be able to say we have served by their side.

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