UX STRAT 2014 Conference Tickets on Sale Now

UX STRAT 2014, an international conference for UX professionals focused on strategy, has tickets available for sale with early bird specials for a great deal.

Athens, Georgia—UX STRAT 2014, a two-day conference designed for UX professionals, is now open for registration. UX STRAT 2014 is the second annual conference for UX professionals who are focused on strategy. It will be held in Boulder, Colorado September 7-9, 2014.

UX STRAT 2014 strives to offer an intimate environment for UX leaders, practitioners, strategists, and researchers to gather, exchange ideas, and learn about new trending topics in the rapidly growing field of UX Strategy. This intimate conference of an estimated 400 guests will foster meaningful and lasting interactions among a targeted pool of skilled UX professionals. UX STRAT 2014 is an opportunity for UX professionals from all of areas to interact and network, as well as gain additional knowledge of new ways to incorporate UX Strategy into businesses and organizations.

This year's conference will be similar to the successful UX STRAT 2013. Taking place at the Boulder Theater, this 3-day event consists of 2 days of conference and 1 day of workshops. This conference will go beyond a series of passive lectures to provide an overall engaging learning experience. It will feature many inspiring UX experts from companies such as frog, Shutterfly, Google, IBM, and Barnes & Noble. The goal is to provide a comprehensive foundation for the emerging, global practice of UX Strategy.

UX STRAT 2014 is seeking sponsors for the upcoming conference. Sponsorships levels include Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Basic. Opportunities to sponsor selected elements of the conference, such as vendor booths and happy hour, are also available.

Those who are eager to learn about UX Strategy are encouraged to purchase tickets at

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