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Utah Author (Who Learned to Read 4 Years Ago) Enters Final Stage of MARSocial's Author of the Year Competition

Author LaRae Parry becomes a top finalist in the Internet's largest author/book/film competition named the Author's X-Factor with her debut novella romantic, paranormal comedy.

Utah native, LaRae Parry, has become a top finalist in the largest online author/book/film competition ever launched. MARSocial, in conjunction with Keeran Vaanie Creations/International Film Producers are sponsoring this competition with literally millions of tweets for the authors, along with other social media sites.

Parry entered an excerpt from her debut novel, "The Danish Pastry," and won MARSocial's Author of the Week award. In November, she entered a different excerpt from the same book that launched her as a top finalist in MARSocial's Author of the Year competition.

Parry is representing the USA in the enormous altruistic competition with other authors representing countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Australia, Israel, Pakistan, Canada, Wales and many more countries entered.

Parry's book excerpt from "The Danish Pastry," has gone out to literally billions on the large social media networking sites, with well over 200,000 tweets on Twitter alone.

The premise of "The Danish Pastry" is Leslee Larsen, the princess of Denmark, runs away upon learning of her pre-arranged marriage, and gets more than she bargained for when she lands in the arms of a playboy who works at San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado and is haunted by the hotel's famous ghost--who happens to look just like the princess.

The fun starts the minute the princess steps onto a commercial airline, incognito with a lame excuse of needing to investigate a hotel in California who might be serving phony Danish Pastries. How was she to know the ways of a playboy and a ghost when she got there?

The winner of this wonderfully wonderful competition has a chance to get his or her book made into a movie by Keeran Vannie Creations International Film Producers, with the top twenty finalists receiving benefits from making it into "The Winner's Circle."

About the Author:
In 2005, LaRae landed on life-support after a botched surgery. She was not expected to live. After pulling through the ordeal, she was surprised that she needed to learn to stand, walk, and read again.

In 2010, as part of her therapy to learn to read, she was required to write. "The Danish Pastry" is a result of her therapeutic writing. LaRae says, "Even though I was breathing, I wasn't alive. Only when I could read and write again, did I begin living. What a dark world it is when one cannot read."

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