USH Provides Homestay or Apartments for Students at Kaplan International Center in Westwood, LA

Kaplan International is a leading provider of English language courses and other study abroad programs. With 45+ accredited schools across 8 English-speaking countries, Kaplan International Colleges offers world-class English language education and the experience of a lifetime. Kaplan's English school in Los Angeles is located in Westwood, near to the campus of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, within minutes from famous cities such as Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills, Westwood Village is a perfect area for students and young adults wanting to meet Hollywood stars, enjoy an active nightlife, sunbathe in Malibu Beach, and enjoy a total "college town" atmosphere.

Universal Student Housing (USH) provides homestay or apartments that are perfect for international students or professionals looking for short or long-term housing while attending Kaplan's Westwood school in Los Angeles. Homestays may include a single host, couple, large or small families. The type of home varies from host to host. While some hosts live in houses, others live in apartments or condominiums.

USH apartments are perfect for students and professionals looking for a comfortable lifestyle, privacy, and flexibility while studying in an environment far superior to any dorm living situation. With 15 years experience, USH has developed a seamless process that makes the entire homestay experience a true pleasure.

Universal Student Housing Homestays allow you to

* Save Money! USH Homestays are one of the most affordable types of housing available.

* Learn English! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience American culture and learn English directly from an English-speaking family.

* Have Privacy! You will have your own room furnished with a comfortable bed, desk for your computer and studies, and closet space to store all your belongings.

* Be Comfortable! Our friendly hosts provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere during your stay.

About Universal Student Housing
Universal Student Housing (USH) is the most trusted Housing Organization for students in the US. USH provides Homestays or Apartments that suit the needs of both students and busy professionals. With 15 years experience, USH has developed a seamless process that makes the entire homestay experience a true pleasure. For more information visit

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