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User Testing in UX Designing For a Successful Web Application Development

Testing from the user side development of web applications is extremely important. Team of 337design get involved during the development stages asking questions, probing in between where required, & giving timely feedback to the organization.

There are plenty of startups in the field of website and web application development who try hard to avoid establishing a conversation with their users. Perhaps they are committing a big mistake that may cost them dearly in the long run and one day they may realize their mistake. Virtual methods only demand your precious time and no cash; and returns are in millions of dollars.

You can apply various methods for user testing through different research methods. Some are atypical, cheap and somewhat aggressive methods of achieving goals and they are referred to as "guerrilla marketing" or "guerrilla user testing". Here you can include indefinite users or just one user for your user testing for UX designing for website and web application development. You are free to do user testing that is the most economically valid; that is, the one which creates the biggest value for the least amount of money.

Many people think that in order to get good results in testing you should apply latest statistical methods which require a significant number of representatives of your audience, just like a true representative of whole targeted audience, but in many cases this guerrilla testing proves to be as efficient as other latest methods and can be done it economically. This sort of user testing may give you a brighter light than the flaws. Isn't that enough benefit? Of course this quick and dirty research is a quite amazing way to explore your users.

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337design - Web Development Los Angeles based Firm
337design - Web Development Los Angeles based Firm
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