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LEED Analysis Services is a leading company providing various kinds of consulting services such as fenestration analysis, location analysis, light pollution analysis, reflection and

LEED Analysis Services is a leading company providing various kinds of consulting services such as fenestration analysis, location analysis, light pollution analysis, reflection and glare analysis, shadow analysis, energy modeling and analysis, visibility analysis and acoustic analysis. Our services help in creating more competent, green and sustainable buildings for LEED certification - and that too cost effectively.

Location analysis has grown from a part of theoretical inquiry that was designed to elucidate observed phenomena to a vibrant field that is been used to locate items as diverse as fast food outlets, landfills, gas stations, and also politicians and products in issue and feature spaces.
Specific areas that are covered by location analysts at our company are:

" Nonstandard location models - these also include those with competitive components, models with probabilistic features, models that locate undesirable facilities and problems that permit interactions between facilities
" Descriptions and detailed examinations of exact techniques including all the famous methods, techniques and algorithms
" The theory of central places

LEED Analysis Services offers cost-effective location analysis services for LEED certification to building owners, architects, HVAC engineers/consultants, day-lighting, lighting engineers/consultants, general contractors, LEED consultants, etc.

Location analysis tools help architects and designers to exploit climatic conditions in minimizing the need for artificial control or the choice of suited materials in order to maintain comfort.
We examine the following factors in detail for the sustainability of the new or existing buildings:
" Temperature
" Humidity
" Wind Patterns
" Rainfall
" Overall Climate Summary

The three major location analysis tools and techniques used by us are:
1) Load Distance: Method based on the load being transported and the distance
2) Location Rating Factor: Method for identifying and weighting important location factors
3) Center of Gravity: Center of movement in a geographic area based on transport weight and distance

Modern location analysis tools are dealt by a diverse group of practitioners and researchers in economics, operations research, geography, computer science and industrial engineering. LEED Analysis Services believes that given the remarkable advances that location science has seen from its modest beginnings, it certainly is time to look back.

The major advantages or benefits of using this method are:
¢ It helps in achieving below mentioned LEED credits
¢ Sustainable Sites - Heat Island effect for Roof and Non-roof
¢ Energy and Atmosphere - Optimized Energy Performance
¢ Energy and Atmosphere - Onsite Renewable Energy

Our qualified and experienced location analysts are expert in providing these services with years of experience in sustainable building designs in a cost-effective way.

Location Analysis Factors Rating Steps
o Listing relevant factors
o Assigning substantial weight to each factor
o Developing scale for each factor (0-1, etc.)
o Scoring each location using factor scale
o Multiplying scores by weights for each factor and total
o Selecting location with maximum total score

If you would like to request a free quote for location analysis services or to learn more about how our experts can be of assistance to your existing projects, email us at info@leedanalysisservices.com or visit our website: http://www.leedanalysisservices.com/leed-knowledge-base/location-analysis.php

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